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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by hank2222, Jan 10, 2011.

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    i have allways pushed people to buy a match grade 10 meter air rifle or pistol for a pratice for the basic marksmanship skills along with year round training no matter what the weather is outside .. ..

    where i live and work at right now it a long drive to the range from inside the city to the range where i can shoot a long rifle out to 300 meters or farther the air rifle does help with keeping my rifle marksmanship skills up to date and not haveing to worry about makeing a trip out to the range once amonth type of trip ..

    my friend house is located inside a large downtown industrail park area and on the weekend it so quiet you can hear a pin drop in the area for alot of the companys have no work force on the weekends and his backyard in the area is the perfect 12 meters long pratice area where we use a mat for prone shooting and standing up prostion and most of the local p.d. officers do not even partol the area inless there is a compaint about something ..

    the cost of the 177 cal air rifle ammo is about $5.oo a tin of 500 pellets for wally world specials

    most people do not understand that at 10 meters with match sights that the rifles comes with equals to a 300 meter range for you have do all the same basic marksmanship with sights and trigger as you would with a rifle with open sights at the range of 300 to 500 meters with a rifle sights ..
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    I need to get a good pellet rifle myself. I have a spring-air barrel cocker from Wally's but it's a cheapo Spanish model. Actually fairly accurate - IF I can control the horrendous trigger! Looked at the mechanism, and there's just no way to improve it, as I can with most twentytwo rifles.
    Another problem is the noise - louder that I am comfortable with shooting in the Lower Sloburbia yard here. No way to keep nosey neighbors from knowing I am shooting.
    Luckily my Public Range (100 yard max) is close by.
    I have been very pleased with my Crossman single-shot CO2 pellet pistol - .22 cal. It has proven asaccurate as a good .22LR pistol up to 25 yards. I have had great fun sniping mice with it! It is also too loud for backyard shooting though.
    A lot of people look down on air weapons, but the newer models are approaching rimfire velocities, and are definitely viable small game guns!
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    I have been thinking about purchasing an air rifle. In this town that is no big deal. We have a problem with feral cats getting in the trash also, so it could serve a double purpose. I did see something on outdoor channel where theres a .50 cal air rifle ??????????????? Yeah I know Overkill right ????????????
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    I have three Diana34P and one Walther match .177 ( 1970's can't recall the model number)pellet rifles along with an RWS 350p and two remington pump up pellet/rifles. and 10k pellets... We use them for tree rats, crows, rabbits, and the occasional possum... work well and will give you a lot of food for the dollar. never considered them as a long range trainer... you learn something new every day...
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    Well I am in total shock and awe right now. I just checked out the pyramydair website and I'm in heaven. I tell you this though I'm not surprised by it at all........These air rifles and bb guns are not the red rider I sported when I was just a wee lad of 6, back when I thought I was the Duke chasing bad guys in Rooster Cogburn and actually shot a few kids in the butt-ocks (lol). But wow I am in awe of
    the selection. I did see a nice .50 cal on a differant website, a copy of a Barrett m82
    Yeah i'd like that. but the one I really would love to play with and unleash my inner Rambo is the m60. This puppy holds 3500 rounds of 20 mm pure plastic pleasure.
    I'm really feeling a tim allen moment moment coming on.
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    i use a Walther LG 300X model air rifle as my basic trainer and i get about 500 shots out of a cylinder before i need to refill the cylinder that about a tin of pellets to pratice with cylinder of air and the cylinder of air and pellets cost about $5.50.when budget it out for the tin of pellets is about $5.oo a tin and the filling of the cylinder of air tank is works out to be about $.50.cents worth of air total ..
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    Benjerman, {sp] in .22 cal, learned to shoot with it, they got one in the pawn shop, gonna hafta go get it. My wife has a Crossman Medalist model 1322 pumper that is GREAT! very accurate and is good for shooting the chimbly when the soot builds up.
    You can get pellet traps for inside shooting has a light to iluminate the target. Used to shoot candles out with it. Different projectitles for them, .177 or .22. good rat killers for sure.
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    I have been playing with a Crosman 1377. It's great because it's also compact. Detachable stocks are available. I use it mostly to keep fat birds from emptying my feeder in one day ;) Head shots are easy enough.
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    I use a Chinese single cocker (700 FPS) and the wife uses a Gamo (1000 FPS) for shooting ground squirrels around the house and out buildings. We shoot well over a hundred a year. Great rifle practice while having fun and cuts way down on the ricochet hazard over 22's. Max range is 40 yards with RWS pointed pellets.
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