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    So i been looking into those high powered air rifles, calibers range from .177 to .50 cal and fire almost with the same power as powder charges. Any one have info on these? Like how reliable they are?
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    Old thread, but you might get some leads.
    Airguns for Big Game Hunting!... | Survival Monkey Forums
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    Ok thanks @ghrit i tryed to search it came up with nothing
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    @tedrow42 -Thanks for asking about air guns. I just updated the search criteria via tagging so it should be easier to find threads on this subject now.

    Here's a current link to the list of threads with air guns, including the one Ghrit supplied for you above -LINK-
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    Your entire post would make an excellent signature line. It's just...spectacular. LOL :cool:
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    I don't get it
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    Neither do I!
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    My main hunting rifle during the warmer season is a Benjamin .22 PCP. Around here you can't keep firearms in a vehicle if you leave it for any reason and bringing firearms into petrol stations and other places where they handle money is.. well, you get the point. I haven't shot anything above 9 mm air-rifle-wise though.
    There alot of info on the web about these however and Pyramid Air is not a bad place to start. Youtube would be another.

    I think the entire "GO PRO , PCP .. SSSSSSSSSPPPOOOOOOOOOOOTttttt" thing is about him not using spring-propelled air rifles but going with PCP, Pre-Charged Pneumatic, as most newly designed air rifles are.

    Reliability is like with anything else. You get what you pay for and since mechanically these are much more complex than firearms, they tend to cost more. I have tried $100 Crosmans and the like that shoot great though, but they are bi and heavy and the twang (recoil) is horrible. Thing about the recoil from air rifles is that is comes before the pellet leaves the barrell and can therefor hurt accuracy. Not your shoulder ;)

    This is one of my rareties, a Swedish made "Excellent" multi-pump pneumatic from 1956 in the odd caliber 5.4mm roundball. When the .22 short was banned for hunting here anyone with a garden and some veggies they cared about got an air rifle so there's quite alot of old pretty looking air rifles in circulation.

    Sorry 'bout the sock. Wife left. With all my best socks.

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    Sloth sometimes needs a translator;) fortunately, I can read Olde English, so I'll take a stab at it.:)
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    I have several older Spring powers .177 air rifles one by Walther LG55 ( see below...) not my personal weapon but the same model:)


    as well as 2 older RWS Diana's (sapper John has one or two as well) all are front barrel break weapons and will take small game with out a hitch.. I also have several newer pellet guns as back up and tp let the kids play with... (it's cheaper than .22's now...
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    I had a crossman 760. It no longer functions. I doubt I will spend the money to replace my "mouse gun."

    Edit: at close range, I find a slingshot, just as accurate.
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  13. HK_User

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    FWB for me.
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    I have only used co2 and pump pellet guns
    What is Fwb

    And nice gun btw @Witch Doctor 01 i need to find me a nice older one
  15. HK_User

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    Feinwerkbau 124, a classy Rifle and what all other air guns were once measured against.

    FWB 124 – a classic pellet rifle
    Posted on October 13, 2005 by B.B. Pelletier ↓ 47 Comments
    by B.B. Pelletier
    FWB 124 – a classic pellet rifle | Air gun blog - Pyramyd Air Report
    If it’s motorcycles, it’s a Harley. If it’s wristwatches, it’s a Rolex. If it’s an air rifle, it’s an FWB 124. This one spring-piston air rifle epitomizes the entire hobby. Why is it so popular and what makes it such a classic?
    Feinwerkbau’s 124 was an all-time classic air rifle!
    It ushered in the modern age of magnum spring rifles.

    The great race for power!
    The 124 was, perhaps, the first spring-piston rifle to use technology over brute force to develop power. When it was new in the 1970s, the 800 f.p.s. barrier for .177 air rifles loomed large. A few models were knocking at the gate – the Weihrauch 35, the Diana 45 and the BSF 55. They offered nothing especially new, but with brute force and sheer size (except for the BSF) they were poised to break through the barrier. Then, from nowhere, the svelte Feinwerkbau 124 came along and shattered the barrier with power to spare. Within a year, two of the three challengers were also over 800, with only the Weihrauch 35, the largest of them all, still lagging.
    Feinwerkbau used technology to triumph
    The FWB 124 used a longer stroke coupled with a long but weak mainspring to generate a more powerful blast of air. Its piston was slender compared to the others, but a modern parachute piston seal made maximum use of the air it compressed. And, let’s be fair, the 124 was a wow in .177 but a relative dog in .22, as the model 127. It was a one-trick monkey, while the HW 35 went on to be stretched and supersized into the Beeman R1 early in the 1980s.
    But, in .177 the FWB reigned supreme. Despite having a less-than-desirable trigger that challenged airgunsmiths and a new automatic safety we all learned to hate, the 124 prevailed above all others. The Weihrauch 35 had a Rekord trigger that put the 124′s pitiful unit to shame, but it had to do so from the slow lane. The 124 was shooting around 830 f.p.s. with light pellets compared to the HW 35′s 750. And, the powerful 124 had that barrel!
    FWB barrels are the best
    Feinwerbau has long had the reputation as the airgun company that makes the finest barrels. It’s their forte. The 124 was endowed with a splendid example of what they could do when they put their minds to it. It was bored tight all the way through. When pellets came out the spout, they were always the same size. You never found a rough bore on a 124.
    The stock was beech, but the early ones had a wundhammer palm swell that delighted the unaccustomed shooting hands of Americans. The trigger blade was black plastic until the complaints piled high enough to force the factory to switch to aluminum. It did not change the trigger-pull one iota!
    Beeman R1 spring on top is dwarfed by
    the extra-long 124 spring. The wire is thinner, and
    the coil diameter is smaller, which made the rifle easy to cock.

    Easy cocking
    A 124 is so easy to cock compared to the other powerhouses of the day. That longer stroke allowed the mainspring to be made of thinner wire with a smaller coil diameter, which reduced the cocking effort measurably. Recoil, on the other hand, was the absolute worst in its class. The 124 was the first air rifle with a reputation as a scope-breaker. Today, it feels like a pussycat compared to the Beeman Crow Magnum or Webley Patriot, and modern scopes that have toughened along with the rifles would have no problem with a 124.
    You can still find a 124 in excellent shape for under $400 if you search. Avoid the internet auctions where prices are off the map. Instead, watch the smaller classified ads, and you can snag your slice of airgunning heaven.
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  17. tekdoggy

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    I have a sam yang 45 cal PCP rifle, bought it from pyramid air, i have a shoebox compressor and a guppy air tank. I purchased a good scope for it. The rifle has enough power to easily take deer at 50 yrds. Shoots straight and so far has not had any issues. about 200 shots thru it so far. I get about 5 shots at max power, and another 5 beyond that that would do some damage.

    Air rifles are very expensive to get into if you want a compressor and air tank. They make a manual pump for about $300 if you want a work out. I plan on getting one in case i have no power and need to fill the rifle.

    I would probably go with conventional firearms if you can own them, if not look at antique or replica black powder rifles/handguns. They would cost less up front and have more knockdown power.

    I deer hunt with my air rifle, it can be used during alternative season here in Missouri.

    uses 3000 psi, power needed to run a small pancake compressor that feeds 90psi into the shoebox compressor, can take several hours to fill the guppy tank if down to 3000psi or lower. has to charge to 4500psi so it takes awhile. the newer shoebox compressors are much faster than the one i have.
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    what kind of pressure do you need to charge your air rifle? and you no power issue could be solved with a solar panel, a battery and an inverter. but a manual charger would allow for field use.
  19. BTPost

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    many Air Rifles are Self-Cocking.....
  20. tedrow42

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    Im torn between spring and multipump, it will be for squirrel and rabbit hunting im thinking 22 or 25 might go with the 5m for more speed and distance

    I been looking at pyramid air i was mostly interested in the big bore at first for deer and home defense but idk if its leagle in il and expensive for tanks and pumps
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