Airsoft Flashbangs - Legal To Own And Effective

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    I'd say get them before the unhinged BATFE put them in their sights. While designed for Airsoft several of these tested look to be pretty effective.

    A comparison between the expensive IWA and better value TAGinn flashbangs. It isn't even close - TAGinn by a mile.

    Almost the entire line of TAGinn devices including smoke grenades. Note the performance of the TAG-19 (the Y version does not flash) and the FBG - 6 2sec compared to the other "grenade" devices. Either of those and some smoke could be pretty useful in getting the upper hand on a hostile group.

    TAGinn also has launchable devices/mortars that are self propelled

    TAGinn - no afiliation
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    Ooh fun! I am totally waking my GF up with one of those...

    Nevermind. Every single store is out of stock.
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    I found the same thing - will be checking periodically
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    Out of stock everywhere. Bummer.
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    Home made?

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    IMO that poll and article is an attempt to paint political opposition as domestic terrorists so they can be treated as such. It also gives a basis for disarming law abiding citizens. Note that it is derived from the Jan 6 show trial. No poll specifics like what questions were asked, the sample size, and how they selected the people that were polled.

    Most political polls are push poles designed to produce the desired answer. For example, "Do you think that the Government is corrupt to the point there we are likely to take us arms in the next few years?" is much different than "Do you think Americans should take up arms against an out of control corrupt government that strips them of their rights?".
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    Yeah I do think that is what they are pushing for... so... get them before you need em! :)
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    It's fbi. There are too many fbi and fbi informant links to the shooters for it to be cia. But CIA came up with the idea.
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    Just remember that ATF Sets the upper limit of the amount of active powder, by weight, for these “Legal” Munitions… Just stay under that limit by 25% and you will be safe…
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