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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Hispeedal2, May 31, 2012.

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    Mega thanks

    Many thanks for the links...cleared up several questions that I had..
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    I dont get the idea of having an AK magazine with a bolt hold open feature.
    If the receiver had it then I would want it as the bolt would remain open after dropping the mag.

    With the recoil spring putting pressure on the bolt hold open tab of the magazine it makes the magazine harder to eject and you still need to cycle the bolt to resume firing.

    Not knockin' the Kalashnikov platform, just this silly feature.

    Yes I read the link and know the author suggests avoiding this.
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    Well, you, I, and Dave M. agree. The only time an ho is useful is if the range requires bolts open on cease fire. Silly, too, since you probably also have to have the mags out on cease fire, so what to do then? (Chamber flags, I suppose.)
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    I'd say a hold open isn't necessary. I don't like the follower designed ones either.

    I would like the original design to have one. Here is why:
    When an AR locks back on the last round being fired, the feel is different. You instantly know you need a mag change. It's not very smart to get the point where you feel that, but it's a nice feature to have.

    Not knocking the AK platform. I can still run the thing effectively without it. The thing is 1940s technology know matter how you cut it. Only the US had lock-back bolts at that time.
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    The AK is not a fast reloader either. Nothing of this earth is perfect. ;)
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    well, like everything else in life. practice makes perfect. get you 2 or 3 surplus mags (I like the bulgarian steel jobers) and just practice away.

    a tactical type extended mag release might be a pluss in this instance. I have been thinking about one for one of the 6 AK rifles I have. maybe on one of the beaters. but, the down side is, it doesnt look like you can just run your thumb up the back of the mag and hit the mag release with your thumb while grabing and twisting the mag out......[dunno]
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