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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Nomad 2nd, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. Nomad 2nd

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    I rarely go to Survivalblog anymore, but I was bored:

    Chinese mags work GREAT, and after seeing AK Drums in 2 Contractor classes... I'm thinking of ordering more.

    Watch the video I reciently posted again... the drums were used there.
  2. AlterEgo

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    I agree!! [beer]

    They are the only mag with the bolt hold open mag follower.

    I got 5 for 85 frn's and they were brand new still in the oil paper wrap at the last fun show.

  3. sniper-66

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    I like Freudian slips. They are the only blued magazines you can find that match a Yugo underfolder!
  4. Nomad 2nd

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    You are thinking of the Yugo mags...
  5. magnus392

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    That is not correct. The Yugo mags have BHO followers. Other than informing you that the rifle is empty they serve little really useful purpose.

    As far as polymer mags, the Bulgarian waffle mags are pretty good. I prefer the Polish Polymer mags with out the waffle marks. I have never had any issues with Chinese mags, Polish mags, Bulgarian mags. I have had issues with Romanian 40rnd mags.

    I have tried the Bulgarian "bullet" mags 30 round polymer mags without metal tabs in the front catch, and rear tab. The feedlips are metal re-enforced. I have had no issues with these mags. They are inexpensive and seem to be good mags. I can post pics if necessary.
  6. AlterEgo

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    Not always so.

    "Chinese mags they can be ID'd by the fact that the rear edge is folded over, while European steel types have a sharp welded ridge at the rear. As noted above, while many of the Chinese mags have chromed steel followers, many others have blued types. Chinese followers have a slightly different profile at the rear also. The hump is straight up at the back, while Euro types (except for Yugoslavian) are rounded back there."

    I do have Chink mags, and they DO have the BHO on the follower. I have had them for a while (years) and forgot that I had to make this modification for the BHO to work.

    Magazines - AR15.COM

    Personally I like mags that click solidly and loudly when locking in. The polly mags are well rated and well liked, I even have some waffles. But as some of you know if you are in a firefight is is pretty noisy, and I happen to like the solid feel of a steel mag locking into the mag well. The pollys just don't do that for me, although they are very good mags.

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  7. magnus392

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    I am not debating the missing rib nor the the Chi-com BHO mags. I am pointing out that the Chinese are not the only ones that make BHO mags.
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