Akins Accelerators full auto type firearm no stamp needed.

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Quigley_Sharps, Oct 23, 2006.

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    THese people were at Knob creek as well as being featured in the current Small Arms Review.

    Not just a Hellfire or Tac trigger type system. It's ke a foolproof Bumpfire device. Pretty cool.

    Thanks for the vid
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    Yes, I liked this product from the looks. In fact,
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    That's pretty slick, but damn pricey too:eek:
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    The slide fire stocks look real neat! Looks like a great way to get the NFA experience without all of the paperwork, waiting, and expenses. I've heard people complain about the price, but I'd much rather pay $300 than $15,000 for a registered reciever M16. However, it's also something I'd want to try out before buying. I'm curious as to how hard it is to use? Also it's durability? One thing that looks funny to me too is the fact that your sights would be bouncing around. But since I have no experience with anything full auto, or these stocks, I would definitely give it a chance. All in all, a neat and innovative idea.
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    I'm fortunate enough to spend time with the M16A4 in SWAT/SRT configuration (which is almost always suppressed and with a 12-14" barrel).

    About six weeks ago a fellow I know bought this bump fire stock thing and mounted his AR-15 in it.

    So I've had the opportunity to shoot both.

    While with a little practice, the bump fire can come pretty darned close to the rate of fire of the M16. No doubt about it.

    Where the big difference is for me was accuracy. On a standard B-27 silhouette at 25 yards I can dump the entire magazine in the x-ring with the A4.

    I struggled to keep all the rounds on the paper at the same distance with the bump fire. It seemed to me like the (necessary) forward push to make the bump fire work absolutely destroyed my ability to hit the "x".

    Now, with that said, my gut feeling is that this is something that with a LOT of practice and motivation could probably be overcome.

    FWIW - just one guys opinion. I don't shoot Glocks well either. [CRC]
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    I, for one, wonder what the BIG Deal is, for Full-Auto Weapons, in the Survivalist Senerio... I mean really.... are you going to be packing around a "Duce & a Half" to resupply you, when there is little to no advantage over a solid Semi-Auto Weapon. Full-Auto smacks of Spray & Pray, and that is just NOT consistent with the Survivalist Senerio, unless your being overrun by zombies, or some such. My Opinion.... YMMV....
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    Awww Bruce....can't a guy have a little fun? [gun]

    You are correct...and I agree, however, I didn't know *everything* we talk about has to be survival-related. Really, if people would leave us alone, all you'd really need is a .22 and maybe in your case, a bear-bell. [rofllmao]

    Truth be told, the range I have a membership at has just allowed a full-auto lane and I happen to be working on a new M4 build...soooo, I thought it would be some cheap entertainment for myself. No offense to the survivor's-creed meant.
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    Bump firing: A way to quickly convert money into smoke and noise.

    Me ? I'd rather work on accuracy.
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    I agree!

    But well you know; if you are going to use a poodle shooter caliber you better be prepared to send up a lot of smoke and noise. [monkeyeating]
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    Elsewhere on the Monkey I wrote a thread about Civilian Police Forces in the USA, have NO NEED for FULL-AUTO Weapons, and I gave the reasons why, that is my position. these are the SAME reasons that I believe, how I do, on this issue, but I reserve the RIGHT to Posses, and Field, any Weapon, that the LAW allows, in my State. Just to clarify...... YMMV.....
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    Bumping uses a lot of ammunition to put a very few holes in the target. Not everyone in an infantry squad's switch is on auto. ;)
  15. CATO

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    The consensus has been that bumping wastes ammo and you don't hit anything. How many of you who have expressed your opinion have actually used the product? That was my original question?

    Did any of you even watch the video from gunblast.com? The guy was basically using it as a 3-round burst and hitting the center X. Those kids weren't doing too bad either.

    I appreciate everyone's opinion and I agree that blindly burning through ammo is just waste of money, but a 5.56 on burst can be controlled and can be useful. Otherwise, why would the military even employ FA?

    I live in a city in the south and have 4wd truck. I rarely need to engage it, but it's there if I do. The same applies to having the option of full auto. You'll probably never need it, but having the option is better than not. Why would you want to limit yourselves? You don't *have* to use FA. Every time I crack open a beer, I don't chug it.

    So, if you have used the product, I'd like to know your opinion.
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    Guit, when was the last time you ever encounter a situation in the USA, Civilian World, that REQUIRED "Spary & Pray" Tactics, over "One Shot, One Kill" Just Ask'en.... and YMMV........
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    We call it a ''Blast off'' and even the girls like it....
    Im just a spectator...I don't mind....ccc...
    212. Red Jacket 6-4-11 157.JPG Red Jacket 6-4-11 167.JPG
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    Heck, if that's the case, you shouldn't need over a 10 round magazine ever! How many times in the civilian world have you had more than 10 tangos standing in line, not moving so that you could take them out one at a time? You been hearing what's going on around the globe in terms of rioting/looting? And, those idiots say they're bringing it here next month?? The civilian world is changing my friend. :D

    I would rather have it and never use it, than need it and not have it. Same reason I have 5 or 6 hundred #10 cans holding up my walls...hopefully, I'll never need them. But, if I ever do.....
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    I have a friend/dealer that is going to take me out Monday to try one out before I buy it and will report back.
  20. NVBeav

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    IANAE (i am not an expert), but Full Auto is just another tool in the toolbox that has its place and time. A few bursts on FA can lay waste to much property and lay a suppressive fire that will sent people flying to cover. I'd hate to see its effect on a packed mob.

    I'd like to hear what an expert might have to say.
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