AL Gore: Global warming caused Brexit

Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by Legion489, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. Legion489

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  2. Dunerunner

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    This guy should be doing late night comedy. It wouldn't be good comedy, but it would get the limited viewership and attention it so richly deserves.
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  3. oil pan 4

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    More reasons to love global warming.

    They said "events like katrina will become a regular occurance". I live in NM so file that one under "not my problem".
    And "snowy winters will soon become a thing of the past", I don't know about you, but that sounds more like a solution to a problem than an actual problem.
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  4. VHestin

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    Global warming also caused his bank account to swell, and alot of people's IQs to shrink...
  5. Altoidfishfins

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    How could you people even question anyone who was smart enough to invent the internet?
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  6. chelloveck

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    You may not be kidding, but you may be mangling what she actually stated.....which is probably just as bad, or even worse if deliberately intended in bad faith.

    What Chelsea Clinton tweeted
    Chelsea Clinton is not making the argument that global warming is causing diabetes, but that there is a correlational relationship between global warming and rises in 'diabetes cases'.

    In a later tweet, Chelsea Clinton replies to a tweet pointing out correctly that correlation is not (equal to) which she replies,

    But, don't feel bad about it, others have also distorted what she tweeted, so you're in the good company of those who seem to make up random stuff that's palatable to their tribe of non fact checking, alternative facts consumers. :rolleyes:
  7. Yard Dart

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    You follow Chelsea on Twitter?! #priceless. [lolol][LMAO]:lol:[ROFL][fnny]
  8. chelloveck

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    No, I don't follow Chelsea....It's just an example of the fact checking that some here are too indolent to be bothered with, when 'truthieness' suffices in place of the truth. :p
  9. Mindgrinder

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    Fact checked you...
    You searched for chelloveck |

    You don't exist.
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  10. oil pan 4

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    Unlike global warming both of those could actually be proven true or false.
  11. DKR

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    I do have to wonder, how someone who is demonstratively living in a different Universe than I, still manages to live so high on the hog while being so out of touch from the "reality" that I recognize.

    "Whatever you think of Gore, one thing is indisputable: leveraging his aura as a technology seer and his political and climate work connections, Gore has remade himself into a wealthy businessman, amassing a fortune that may exceed US$200-million."
    (How Al Gore amassed a $200-million fortune after presidential defeat)

    Just Damn.......
  12. BTPost

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    He can't spend it in Heaven, or Helll.... and his ex-Wife dispises him, along with his daughters... So just how rich does he think he is in eternal things... He will die a lonely Rich Idiot...
  13. Legion489

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    Well you forgot the rest of the thinking world, including but not limited to Viet Nam vets, polar bears, Mike Moore, Hitlery Klinton, every person who ever met him, every head of state here and around the world, etc.

    Mindgrinder, look up "A Clock Work Orange", our friend Chelloveck is mentioned there.

    The Klinton kind said: "correlation between global warming & rise in diabetes cases". I stand by what I said.
  14. ghrit

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  15. chelloveck

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    I was thinkin' much the same about's a good thing there ain't no twitter in the least the living will be spared his self absorbed tweets.
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  16. Legion489

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    Sorry Chelloveck, you don't exist. You can't argue with Snopes.
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  17. oil pan 4

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    It's global warming season. That time of year when every believer works extra hard to convince everyone else that man made CO2 causes all global warming and all geo political problems are because of said global warming and that the libs can fix it if they can be put in control of pretty much everything.

    Obviously the liberal democrats have all the answers to fixing pollution. They think the rest of the US needs to be exactly like California.
    The top 6 most air polluted cities in the United states are all in California.
    So clearly they know everything there is to know about how to take care of the planet, keep the air and water clean.....
  18. Unfortunately the P.R.K. is UP-wind of most of the rest of these United states.
  19. Caveman Jim

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    Yep, the first post of his that I read he deserved and received the coveted IGNOREamus award...:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    What's that Chell (crickets chirping)(y)
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  20. Yard Dart

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    Don't forget bacon.....:D
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