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    I don't know if any of you subscribe to this newsletter but I would recommend it. It is very good and informative info for gun owners. I'll include the sign up info at the end of the articles.

    The lamestream media told you:
    Sen. Barack H. Obama and Sen. Hillary R. Clinton, both of whom no longer use their middle names for reasons that remain unexplained, support the olden second amendment, and they are working hard to attract the gun vote.

    The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
    The Brady anti-gun-rights campaign has issued its demands for "gun control" in a public "Message to candidates for president." The Democrat's candidates, if elected, are expected to work closely with the Brady group to implement "reasonable, common-sense" measures that include (quotes directly from the Brady newsletter):
    -- Make it harder for undefined "dangerous people" to get undefined "dangerous weapons."

    [FYI, note that anyone with a firearm (such as police officers, teachers or homeowners) are considered "dangerous" by hoplophobes and many politicians, and guns are not only dangerous, they're supposed to be dangerous and wouldn't be any good if they weren't dangerous.]

    -- "A strong and permanent ban on military-style assault weapons."
    [FYI, note that military-style weapons are precisely what the Second Amendment addresses, and "assault" is a type of behavior, not a type of hardware.]

    -- "Close the gun show loophole."
    [FYI, note that the private sale of property is not a loophole, that any criminal sale or purchase of a firearm at a gun show or anywhere else has already been severely criminalized and is largely unenforced, and why on earth should a gun-show gun sale be any more in Brady's sights than any other perfectly legal private sale between friends and relatives. Hmmm.]

    -- "Closing the 'terror gap' in our background check system."
    [FYI, I have no idea what this is but suspect it means using the so-called "no fly list" as a gun-ban list. This is a secretly generated list of airline passengers singled out for special treatment by unelected bureaucrats within the TSA or the HSA, without advanced notice or a published means of appeal.]

    -- "Stand up against the gun pushers' lobby... and stand with victims... who have made it clear they want sensible gun laws."
    [FYI, note they have not expressed interested in going after the criminal perps who assaulted the victims, but are focusing instead on the ownership, possession and use of liberty's teeth.]

    -- "Insist the candidates get illegal guns out of our communities by [among other plans] strengthening the ATF."
    [Source: "The Brady Report," Winter 2008]

    Sen. John McCain, running as a Republican, has not yet responded to repeated requests to denounce or at least retract his support for the McCain gun-show loophole bill, which would have entirely eliminated gun shows in America. McCain, sometimes called "the least offensive of the Democrat's candidates," did once publicly deny that his bill would end gun shows, but unfortunately that was completely incorrect. The town hall event where the Uninvited Ombudsman had asked him about it did not allow followup questions.

    See the plain-English bill analysis here:

    The "news" media, despite extensive opportunities, continues to refuse to ask the candidates, "If you're elected, what guns would you allow Americans to have?" The question of course is way loaded, but it would be fun to hear the replies, according to informed sources.

    9- Special Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni:
    Memo to race mongers: "racist" and "racial" are not synonyms
    Race mongers in the moronic media are saying that it was racist for Hillary Clinton to state the fact that she gets more votes from working-class whites than does Barack Obama. Based on this incorrect use of the word "racist," then I’m a racist for stating the fact that Obama gets more votes from blacks than does Clinton.

    Actually, both her comment and mine are racial, not racist. A "racial" comment is a comment about race, whether negative, positive, neutral, factual, or not factual. A "racist" comment is a comment that reflects a belief that a given race is inherently inferior to another race.
    Why is this distinction so difficult for the brain-belching class to understand?

    Here’s a 10-question pop quiz to see if you understand the distinction:

    1. Is it (a) racist or (b) racial to say that the Mafia, the Costa Nostra, and Tony Soprano have their roots in Sicily?

    2. Is it (a) racist or (b) racial to say that Northern Italians are born smarter than Sicilians?

    3. Is it (a) racist or (b) racial to say that as a group, African Americans have the highest rate of out-of-wedlock births?

    4. Is it (a) racist or (b) racial to say that African Americans are genetically predisposed to having uncontrollable libidos?

    5. Is it (a) racist or (b) racial to say that Asians outscore other minorities on placement tests?

    6. Is it (a) racist or (b) racial to say that all Chinamen can’t be trusted?

    7. Is it (a) racist or (b) racial to say that 90 percent of the illegal immigrants in Arizona are Mexicans and that their children have a dropout rate of 50 percent?

    8. Is it (a) racist or (b) racial to say that Mexican immigrants don’t have the brains to learn English?

    9. Is it (a) racist or (b) racial to say that Craig Cantoni reeks of garlic?

    10. Is it (a) racist or (b) racial to say that Craig Cantoni is an idiot because he’s Italian?

    Correct answers: "Racial" is the correct answer to all of the odd-numbered questions, and "racist," to the even-numbered ones.
    Bonus question: If a pundit, reporter, editorialist, K-12 teacher, or college professor uses "racist" as a synonym for "racial," is he (a) a moron or (b) a race monger?

    Correct answer: He is a moron and a race monger.

    An author and consultant, Mr. Cantoni reeks of garlic and, thankfully, can be reached at a long distance by email at

    7-Anti-gun Promo Blackfires
    The lamestream media told you:
    Gun deaths and gun violence are a national scourge that must be met with strict common-sense gun laws, to prevent rampant violence in society. Everyone is affected, so everyone must be subject to controls.

    The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
    In an effort to prove the "news" myth paraphrased above, The Baltimore Sun, which features standard anti-gun-rights bias in its reporting, published an interactive map of homicides in the Baltimore area.

    Unfortunately for its inventors, the map only confirms what rights advocates have been declaring for decades -- it's not a gun problem, it's a demographic problem -- with social, economic and geographic components the political community refuses to admit. If they did, the fundamentally demographic nature of the enigma would emerge, and despite the horrifying facts, they would risk being called bad names.

    The maps say it all. The data sets here are for all of 2007, Baltimore area, all forms of homicide (blue is choking, green is blunt force, red is shooting, black is stabbing, white is undetermined).

    And don't shoot me, I'm only the messenger, blame the newspaper for letting the dirty little secret out -- it's not a gun or murder problem, it's a demographic problem.

    These Baltimore Sun maps show a terrible problem but do not clarify who the murderers are.
    [For people getting plain text versions of this report, or if the maps are not visible on your system, see the 2007 Baltimore Sun maps of people murdered, blacks murdered and whites murdered, at, at the Page Nine blue button link.]

    "The lack of diversity is blatant and appalling," said one unidentified observer. Another suggested the results could reflect the city's makeup, but whites outnumber blacks there by more than two to one (3.5MM to 1.6MM). You can pick your own data and see the Baltimore Sun's results, for time periods, races, ages, homicide types, genders and more. Play with the map yourself, it's fun (remove the line breaks to use the link):

    If this report works for you --
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    The headings didn't post. The first is all murders in Baltimore in 2007, the next is all Blacks murdered in Baltimore in 2007, the last is all Whites murderd in Baltimore in 2007. You draw your own conclusions.
    Baltimore2007All. Baltimore2007Blacks. Baltimore2007Whites.
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