Alaska is NOT Michigan, when it comes to Wilderness Hunting.......

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    Boater finds body of southeast Alaska hunter

    The body of a Craig man missing since Sept. 15 has been found in ocean water east of Ketchikan.

    The Anchorage Daily News (Missing Craig hunter's body found in canal | Southeast | reported a boater Thursday spotted the body of 24-year-old Garrett Hagan in Behm Canal near Fox Point about 30 miles south of the Chickamin River.

    Hagan had hunted with 51-year-old Adrian Knopps of Grand Ledge, Mich.

    Hagan was last seen on a 7-foot skiff loaded with 600 pounds of bear meat and towing a kayak that carried a heavy bear hide.

    He was heading for the 44-foot Abundance anchored three miles off the mouth of the Chickamin.

    A sightseeing cruise boat spotted the Abundance adrift Sunday.

    Knopps was rescued on shore after a seven-day ordeal without survival year. He was treated for severe hypothermia.

    Dude is lucky to be alive...... Duh.... No Survival Gear... in the alaskan bush... Darwin almost got another FlatLander.......
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    Thanks for posting this. Things have consequences even if we don't recognize them.
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    Makes me think of an old rule I had back in the Army. When they picked up a load of troops for movement to another area, you never let your ruck go with that group. If you don't go, the gear does not either, as it may be a long time till the next ride comes. Leaving you without food, shelter, ammo and everything else you may need.

    The guy in this story was lucky to survive.....
    As a side note, they must have found him in the tree's with thermal imaging or a very sharp eye of someone.
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    One Darwin Award Winner, one Honorable Mention.:( Stupidity should make you ugly.(less chance of breeding)
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    Just a NOTE, here: Behm Canal is NOT a place where one wants to out in an open skiff, when the Wind (50-60 Knots) and Tide (24') are running against one another..... AND there is a Secret (well not so secret) Submarine Base there where they do External Noise Testing, and DeGaussing, of Nuke Subs.... The boats come in, get Tested, Degaussed, and leave without ever coming to the surface. Who knows what happened to the Guy in the skiff, but the Guy he left on the beach, was way out of his Depth, and a very LONG Walk (50 Miles) to the nearest town of any size, and across a couple of Fjords.
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    I couldn't find a reference that said anything about degaussing under way, and frankly, I doubt it. The rest is true.

    Degaussing requires LARGE currents and LARGE cables to carry the current (which is AC) and is applied several times with magnetic sensor readings taken between applications. The cables are physically wrapped snuggley on the hull for the operation. At least that's how we did it back in the day.
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    Was on a Tender that just happened to be crossing the area, and the Navy got real upset that we were transiting the area and messing up their business.... But they had apparently forgotten to tell the USCG, that they had closed Behm Canal, that day, and it caused a might ruccus on the VHF Radio, for a couple of hours. This was back in the late 70's... After than there was a Notice to Mariners Published for the days they were operating their systems and Network, with a 10 mile Danger Radius, and Exclusion Zone. Behm Canal is also a well used Salmon Seine Fishing Area, in the late summer, so they usually suspend their operations during the summers. When the navy folks are in Town, they can't wear their Uniforms, and MUST be in Civies. It isn't a very big above water place. Just one BIG Powerhouse, and a Operations building surrounded by Alaska Wilderness, on three sides, and water on the fourth.
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    The de-perming crib will be of all wood construction since the degaussing magnetic fields will tear anything ferrous into scrap in less time than it takes to tell about it. You may have seen a couple rows of pilings with wood decking with space between them wide enough for the hull to just barely fit. The cables are in the water, and would be hauled over and around the hull with the boat in the crib. We did the deperming thing in the river off Norfolk. All the sound tests were run at the USNUSL labs in New London, except for the high power runs that were well off shore "down south."

    ETA, did a bit more looking at the Behm canal data on the web. Looks like they don't do de-gaussing at that facility.

    Trivia, maybe, but true. Look at any builder's yard that does steel hulled warships. The ways are aligned E-W so that the earth's magnetic field will have reduced residual effects on the hull. Remember the high school experiments where you left a short bit of rod lying E-W and another one N-S for a couple months, then checked them with a magnetometer? Just being lined up with a magnetic field will induce magnetism.
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