Alaska Land Sale by University of Alaska 2012

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    This is a General Land Sale by the University of Alaska, that generates income for the University System. I have looked quickly and see, No Residency Requirements, for this sale, so FlatLanders may apparently bid on these parcels, just as Alaska Residents , can. Here is your chance to own a chunk of the "Last of the Wild Frontier" ..... Do your own Due Diligence..... Bidding closes Oct 31, 2012......
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    Link pleAse!!?? Some might like to be seasonal residents

    Never mind I'm tired so the dumbAss in me is shining right now
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    Passed it on to my son(on his way back to Richardson from the sand). Thanks
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    Looks like most of it is small parcels in subdivisions.... you might want to check on near bys....
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    One of the 'road accessible' lots has a bit of baggage... Thanks for posting the sales notice, we quit taking the newspaper years ago.

    The Quota Subdivision is located approximately 30 miles south from Nenana along the Parks Highway. To reach the subdivision, travel south on the Parks Highway to approximately Mile point 275.2; turn west (right) onto Kobe Ag Road; on Kobe Ag Road travel west approximately 0.3 miles and turn north (right) onto Rochester Way; travel north on Rochester Way for approximately 0.5 miles to reach the subdivision.

    Lots located within Quota Subdivision are generally level and covered in spruce, birch and aspen. The lots may contain wetlands and may require a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wetlands permit prior to any additional development. Utilities have not been extended to all of the lots. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the electric service and phone providers to determine costs associated with connecting to electric and phone service.

    Rochester Way is not a maintained road. Lots do not have direct access onto Rochester Way. Most platted roads are not constructed and access to any lot is the responsibility of the individual lot owner. Interested parties please review the subdivision plat and read all of the plat notes carefully.

    This subdivision is subject to certain covenants, conditions and restrictions. Copies of the Master Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Quota Subdivision are available above, or from the Facilities and Land Management office in Anchorage or Fairbanks.
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    Part of understanding these Land Sales, is the basic understanding that much of the Land up for Sale, is RAW Alaskan Bush. If you look at the Plat Maps, they show a lot of Roads, and Access Easements. They look real good on the Plat Map, but the reality IS, these do NOT EXIST, and are just Lines on the Map. Where I live, these "Roads" were left over from a WWII Army Base, and had overgrown for 40 years, before being reclaimed by the Residents, with a LOT of Back Breaking summertime work. We have what would be considered, not even a Poor Logging Road, over about 70% of the Platted Roads, and the rest do NOT EXIST at ALL. We drive 4 wheelers, Rhinos, and small 4X4 Pickups on them, but they are NOT wide enough to pass oncoming traffic, except very slowly. They are NOT maintained, except by the residents. This is truly RAW Alaska Wilderness, that MAY, or May Not, have ONE typical Logging Road type Access to the subdivision, after that you are on your own. "Off-Grid" just does NOT describe how remote, many of these places, actually are. That is exactly why I suggest that anyone interested in buying, Do the Required Due Diligence, BEFORE, plunking down any FRNs, on a bid. Unless you have looked at the Land in Question, you really have NO Clue, about the remoteness of these Lands. Nothing that you experienced down in the FlatLands, will give you ANY Clue, how remote this land is...... .....
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    1.864 acre for $55,000,, please !!!

    Buy where the real world can live 24/7/365 with daylight hours.

    Nutz-O pricing, in the forgotten land , that is a bumper state.

    and then they want the taxes for ??

    Sorry , not my math..
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