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Discussion in 'Bill of Rights' started by BTPost, Feb 9, 2013.

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    I was listening to our States House Judicerary Commitee hearings on new legislation concerning SelfDefence and Federal Government OverReach.

    HR69 Will make enforcement of ANY NEW FEDERAL Gun Control passed after Jan 1, 2013 nullified and ANY FEDERAL Enforcement a Class C State Felony.

    HR4 Will modify the State Castle Doctrine Statute, so that there is NO Duty to RETREAT, and if DEADLY FORCE is justified, it may be USED, ANYWHERE a Person may LEGALLY BE, in the State of Alaska.

    HR24. Asks Mr. Obama to rescind ALL MEMORANDUMS (these were NOT Executive Orders as MSM Reported) he recently signed concerning Gun Control initiatives.

    All these and a few more look like they will pass handilly. Alaskans are pressuring their Legislators, to make this happen. We are a VERY RED State,

    Our one Federal Senator who is a Democrat, has been put "On Notice" that he is a Lame Duck if he even thinks about voting for ANY of these Federal proposals. Our Governor will be up against TERM LIMITS, and is making noises, about running for that Senate Seat, as a Republican Candidate. If he decides to do it, the rookie is toast, especially as our Dem Senator voted for ObamaCare, and the Citizens are being reminded of that vote, daily.

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  2. Mountainman

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    All the non libtard states need to pass something like this to put the Feds in their place.
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    Why hasn't there been a constitutional amendment proposed to clarify the 2nd amendment as a personnel right that shall not be infringed. Gun ownership and carry could be addressed clearly in a manner that would void most local laws. I feel this is the place where the states have the power to stop this BS. There are 37 red states and that is enough to get it ratified.
  4. Witch Doctor 01

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    I don't know about you but i don't think i want the mass media providing anyimpetus in a constitutiomnal convention.... or our current congress trying tomake any changes...

    Just Sayin... YMMV
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  5. Silversnake

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    I really liked the personal liabilty law in Texas where if there was a self defense shooting and the shooter was not charged with a crime, there could be no civil suit for wrongful death, etc.
    Texas signs new self-defense by gun law| Reuters

    I would rather be alive and civilly sued than dead, but even better is alive with civil immunity.
  6. bfayer

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    Actually what I think we need is a nullification amendment. If 2/3rds (or whatever number makes you happy) of the states tell the federal government to eat sand, the particular law in question would be nullified. This would restore the original intent of the totally ignored 10th amendment.
  7. BTPost

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    No need for that, at this point... SCOTUS did that with Heller & McDonald.... and all these Bills to infringe, on that Right, will ultimately be decided by SCOTUS, and most likely will be ruled UnConstitutional. SCOTUS very very RARELY overturns a previously Stated Constitutional Opinion. You can count those times on Two Hands. Heller & McDonald ARE the Law of the Land, and ARE the Precedent, for ALL Federal Courts. All these State Statutes like New York, will ultimately, FALL in the Federal Court System, IF someone will just sue, the States, that pass them. Look for the NRA to do just that in New York, once the Statute goes into effect in March.
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