ALCU , wants gun rights ........wait what ??

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Salted Weapon, Jun 16, 2016.

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    The ACLU Is Now to the Right of the NRA and Trump On Critical Gun Policy.

    2016 just keeps getting weirder. After Donald Trump caved on gun rights and indicated support for restricting ownership base on the federal government’s various terror watch lists, the NRA has also seemingly given in on the right to due process. That alone is enough to make the situation bizarre, but the fact that the American Civil Liberties Union still opposes such a measure pertaining to guns is quite stunning.

    “There is no constitutional bar to reasonable regulation of guns, and the No Fly List could serve as one tool for it, but only with major reform,” ACLU National Security Project director
    Hina Shamsi said. “The standards for inclusion on the No Fly List are unconstitutionally vague, and innocent people are blacklisted without a fair process to correct government error.”
    Full story here. Weird story,...
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    The whole year in politics is strange. Hopefully we won't end up in a civil war by this time next year.

    A lot of leftist propaganda floating around and a lot of leftists swallowing it whole.
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    The blind squirrels at the ACLU have been known to stumble upon a nut now and then.
  4. chimo

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    Some of that in there too "There is no constitutional bar to reasonable regulation of guns..."
    The 10th Amendment called and said "BULLTWINKLE!".

    The only firearms regulation power granted to the federal government in the Constitution is Article I, Section 8, Clause 3, where it says that Congress shall have power "To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes."

    They can ban us from buying and selling across national, state and reservation lines, that's it. Much of the 68 GCA drew its justification from this clause.
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    ...and then there's the key term "reasonable".
    What's "reasonable"?
    To most America hating leftists that means a complete and total ban on private ownership.
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    I seem to hate any bill or rule with the words "common sense" or "reasonable" in the wording. It is assumed that if you disagree, you must be wrong, or evil.
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    ...or that you somehow lack "common sense" or are "unreasonable"
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    isn't the aclu tied up with the blm ???
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    And to make it stranger, Paul Ryan spoke more for 2nd amendment rights than Donald Trump - usually Ryan keeps his mouth a bit more closed on the issue. It was nice to see it actually. It was also nice to see John McCain rip Obama and put the blame for yet another terrorist attack on our homefront, square on his shoulders - though when pressed by a reporter, he did back peddle just a bit.
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    If this were to go through, and I don't how that would be legally possible - the key would here is 'legally' - I wonder how many of us on this forum will end up on the 'no-fly' list? Government agencies always have a tendency to 'mission creep', just look at what Snowden reported the NSA was doing and this will be used for everything under the sun. And, then of course, once that authority is given it will never be returned... And, imagine the legal administrative problems it will be to get it reversed and get off the list, it will be impossible, totally impossible because the rules aren't set up that way.

    I truly hope this either blows over or they can come to some compromise because this is much more dangerous than the public could ever imagine...
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