Alex Jones gets his cumupance…

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    Well judge hits Alex Jones with a 4 million Judgement after he admitted, while under oath that he knows there was “ No Hoax” in the multiple killings at the Grade School, and the plaintiffs were “ Not Crisis Actors”… His creditability is gone forever, in my book… I would like to see him get a 50 Million Punitive Damage Finding, when that judgement gets handed down… My Opinion, YMMV… but I hope not…
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    Were fron the guberment and here to help.
    Just another voice being shut down, much like Beck and many others. Free speach is under attack every day.
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    So now, opinon is considered a statement of fact? Sheesh!!
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    What was the crime again? Who were the victims? Who were the plaintiffs? 50 million? So now conspiracy theories are a $50mil crime? Even a corrupt judge didn't think that. Maybe stop watching so much mainstream media. It seems to be screwing with your head. The news lie every day and get no judgements against them because of the First. Even when NYT is found guilty of much worse they don't pay. This will go to appeal and be dismissed based on procedural errors and irregularities. The judge was recorded saying that she was biased and trying to bring down infowars. Pretty obvious if you watched the trial.
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    Yeah, I didn't exactly understand how they came to this judgement either... I think Alex Jones is a quack, his day has come and gone. They are much better independent reporters out there. Having said this, I still didn't understand the rational of the judgement. Okay, he said the shooting was a hoax but how does that support such a charge and ruling? In my mind it doesn't. He's a clown, a charlatan, a person that preys on right-minded people's greatest fear - the US government.
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    And another 45 million in damages
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    The true AJ Believers must really struggle every time this Doosh Lilly Testifies under Oath. That being said as disgusting as Jones is I do wonder exactly what the new limitations and restrictions on free speech are and why they only seem to be applying to center and right of center people.
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    Just in case you are wondering, there is no way he was going to win that case regardless of facts or crime or even the law.
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    Sounds impartial to me. Everyone knew she was a plant from the beginning. Should we do some real digging into her Soros funding and other stuff?
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    Alex Jones is a whack job who made millions spreading unmitigated babbling bullshit to small minded people who made up his audience, BUT, he still gets the same 1st Amendment rights as we do. He has basically been fined for his opinion and beliefs (maybe his beliefs, maybe sensationalism for profit) and if this isn't struck down in the appeal process, there will be enough legal precedent set to put everyone who espouses an opinion in a public forum (like here) at risk for the same guilty verdict.
    If this stands, it is yet another brick removed from the foundation of the 1st Amendment.
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    It doesn't matter your personal opinion of Jones. This was an attack on free speech by the left. The opposing lawyer stated in his closing statement to the jury that they had the opportunity to send message to those who would engage in disinformation. We all know who that is. There are a few right wing Commentators who see the threat this is and are speaking out against it.
    The very reason they chose Jones for this first volley was that he was so divisive and many would be too afraid to speak up for him.
    Don't buy the lie. You can reject the blatant attack without endorsing the person attacked.
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    Alex Jones & InfoWars Defamation Lawsuits - Pleadings & Evidence

    So the 4 defendants will each get $11+million for damages from someone who said that "it looks like there were crisis actors involved". Still don't know what was $45.2million worth of damage. Even the legal pleadings were originally denied because people are entitled to their opinions and only went through on appeal. Hurt feelings. Meanwhile...

    BLM activists celebrated as Trump supporter killed: Devine
    'BLM group' taunts officers & causes havoc at ER caring for ambushed cops
    Antifa Protester Implicated in Killing of Trump Supporter in Oregon

    Here's the NYT being sued and losing for defamation and refusing to pay or follow the courts orders. This has been dragging out for years but they wont pay a cent.
    Project Veritas Wins In Defamation Lawsuit Against New York Times

    What about the court order to turn over the servers from the 2020 audit. They just refused.
    Court orders Arizona Senate to immediately disclose election-audit records

    What about Pelosi's insider trading? That's a $200 fine but they wont even charge her that.

    I don't know, I feel like the priorities are way out of line. All of the news media has been calling Alex Jones a "far right conspiracy theory nut" for years. Its even on his wikipedia page. Then when he says something they don't like he is suddenly a news organization? Sounds like holding a cartoon coyote responsible for trying to kill a real life roadrunner. If I were to say Sandy Hook looked like crisis actors could I be sued for $45mil? Basically, this court case is saying that EVERYTHING else he has ever said was correct because he was never sued for it. Either that or they are now going to be doing this to everyone who gets out of line just like they do in China.

    This case applies to all of us. If they can do this to a nut job then they can do it on these forums because they don't like what we say here.
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    If this <thing> is the judge, Jones is toast.
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    Many don't even know what it was that started all this. Jones was the first one to expose the use of crises actors by news media. No one had heard of them before. But he extrapolated from that, as did many others, that the whole thing was staged. Later kids with the same names as those killed showed up enrolled in area schools. Come to find out one or two were actually wounded and recovered but listed as victims and another one or two were kids that just happened to have the same name. There was a lot of thi gs to make you go hmmm. He later admitted on air that he was wrong and apologized. But now he is being sued out of business and off the air because of his opinion? Because he expressed a theory, that turned out to not be true but that's a crime? And people are cheering for that?
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    I don’t think this was a court matter, can’t say I am upset he is exposed as the twatwaffler he is. Had it been my child killed and he said such BS a court case would have been the least of his worries.
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