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    IMO Alex jones can get pretty far outhere, but someone posted his movie "martial law " in two parts on youtube (part I):

    He ends part II with an interesting summary of events of 9/11.All 4 flights used in the "attack" were only 20""% full due to computer scheduling "glitches" on a day when most east other east coast flights were 80% full.

    He further claims the scrambled interceptor f16's were limited to 350mph so 3 of 4 hijacked planes hit their targets.

    Also flight 93 was shot down by the military,( covered up) and so never hit the capital (that would explain the holein pennsylvania with little wreckage).

    Alex goes on ; flt 93, a decapitation strike on the capital would have enabled the prez to legally declare martial law. Since it missed its target leaving the govt intact, the brunt of 911 was fended off but left them with asloppy mess to cover up..

    Think hes got a point? Or just fear to build and dvd's to sell???[dunno][freedom]At least I can let my paranoia run unbridled here and hopefully you guys understand...Wife won't even discuss it.
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    Definately in the right forum. There are some other threads that touch on this, and on conspiracy theories in general. My guess is that you have already read them --;)
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    Unbridled paranoia..... who, me?.....:rolleyes:.... never! Why would you say that!

    Anyway.... It seems that even on this forum that the govt being responsible for 911 is a bit over the top for most, the thought of our own govt doing that is beyond most people's ability to critically analyze things, they just draw the line there and will not cross it. I, unfortunately, have long ago lost my illusions of any kind of boundary that the greedy and power hungry will not cross.

    I suppose if someone wants to believe our govt's version of things it sounds plausible that:

    A fanatically religious idiot sitting in a cave (that probably got there by camel), thousands of miles away, orchestrated a precision, multi-pronged attack against difficult targets, using pilots who could barely fly little cessna planes, managed to fly some of the worlds most advanced commuter jumbo jets into 75% of their targets with amazing precision, resulting in the previously unheard of, heat induced, and "controlled demolition" style collapse of 3 of the worlds mightiest towers. Sure..... that could happen :rolleyes:, but our own govt doing it for billions of dollars and unlimited power is not within the realm of possibilty? :eek: Whatever!

    There are soooo many unanswered questions surrounding all this it's crazy!

    In case you haven't found these links yet, here are a few good ones for fanning the flames of paranoia. 500 questions about it. Questions.htm Some more good ones - great one on flight 77

    but yes.... Alex Jones is pretty far out there and he is trying to sell stuff
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