All I Want For Christmas Is a Ballistic Shield

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    All I Want For Christmas is a Ballistic Shield - The Daily Beast 8, 2012 4:45 AM EST
    Parents anxious about their child’s return to campus after Christmas break might consider an unorthodox gift this holiday season: a bulletproof backpack.

    After a particularly deadly spate of shootings this summer, the ballistics backpack, first developed in the mid-2000s and built around a bulletproof shield, is getting an upgrade.

    The latest military-grade backpack was released last week by Bullivant Urban Survival Gear, and was built to protect students from everything from a shooting to a dorm fire to a super storm—all while not embarrassing style-conscious college kids.

    Todd Bullivant, who also owns MILSPRAY Military Technologies, which creates products for the U.S Military, has spent years dissecting the anatomy of a school shooting in designing his ballistics backpacks.

    The Student Series backpack, which includes a solar-powered generator and chargers for iPhones, iPads and laptops, costs $197 -- plus an additional $97 or $119 for the shield, depending on how heavy you like your ballistics panels.
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