All-Season Chicken Coop Building steps

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  1. Hello,

    For my extreme climate in my area, and for raising chickens, I built this chicken coop.

    Building steps: My four seasons chicken coop

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    Great link, thanks for sharing @greathomesteader. I noticed that they didn't bury that fencing at all. Must be they are not in a burrowing critter area. Did you make one of these?
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    Pain website , NEXT is X out , put it all on one page so ADDS are not changed .

    NEXT is X OUT & leave , better learn because they only count the first page for billing .
    I own a few forums .
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  7. Thank you so much.
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    That weblink is horrible to use. Not user friendly so all your good info is overlooked in trying to navigate a site that is toooo busy
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    Nice chicken coop will have to build me one for next spring when i get my chicken thanks for the info.
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