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Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by ozarkgoatman, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. ozarkgoatman

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    You make me miss my horse...however, another alternative to goats are large dogs like Mastiffs, though I think goats do have more agility and better footing when hauling loads.
  3. Tracy

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    That white/black (second photo) looks loaded as heck! I suppose I could read the links (but it's much better for conversation to ask); I'm wondering what their capacity is (an animal/pack weight ratio).

    (I miss my horses, too. :( )
  4. pgrass101

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    Look at goat carts too.

    Goats have been used to pull plows too.
  5. ozarkgoatman

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    From what I have read a well conditioned goat can carry up to 50% of their body wieght. Which is more than most pack animals. I am going to start making a few packs in the not to distant future. Then if we ever have to go with plan B the goats can carry extra stuff. WG said she was going to make a couple of chicken cages to put on top.[rofllmao] So if we ever have to bug out we should be sight for sure. [lolol]

  6. ghrit

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    Especially if you have Monkeyman on point in the duster and golf bag --. [rofllmao]
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    Dont forget the P3AT hideout in the beard. :lol:
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    Those are some really great pics of pack goats!
    They are adventurous creatures to begin with and useful as well.
    I have two Alpines that I can easily imagine taking right to packing. They already follow me around, I'm, sure they would enjoy camping if I ever do that.

    The best part is there is no need to bring along any special food for them is there?
    Do yours browse as they travel or would that be something they must be trained not to do ?

    Thanks for the links.
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