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    Dogs are life savers and every bit part of a unit.

    These tear-jerking pictures show the moment an Air Force dog handler cradled his dead cannine partner draped in the US flag.

    Sergeant Kyle Smith, from North Carolina, bid an emotional farewell to four-legged companion Bodza after the German Shepherd was put down.

    picture showed Kyle's giving his partner a tender hug as the dead dog was draped in the US flag.

    Thousands have shared the picture since it emerged on social media.

    Kyle said the decision to put down Bodza was one of the hardest he has ever had to make.
    The pair served side-by-side on four military tours before the soldier adopted him when Bodza retired in 2014.
    Heartbreaking moment Air Force Sergeant hugs military dog draped in US flag
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    Brought a tear to me eye. :(
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    Those dogs are amazing. They show the true meaning of loyalty.
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    Strange, is it not, how attached we can become to an animal that is no where near our intellect. I think it's the unconditional love they pass to us, asking nothing in return. The world has desensitized me to the point there is very little that can touch me anymore. Most would call me, plain and simply, 'a right bastard' but I am what the world made me so... So, when I had to put down my old cat, a few months back, that had been with us close to 15 years and tramped all around the world with me, even the last 10,000 miles coming back stateside - well - that hurt and I was a mess and frankly didn't give a spit who saw me. Yes, they can touch a person in a special way and in many ways they are better than people.
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    It has befallen to me to put down many pets and it's never easy . but their pictures bring back good thoughts and memories that last a life time .
    Had dogs that were not so favorable, and those you remember like Rin TinTin or Lassie , heroic critters the loved you with all there heart.
    Like good friends you can't keep them forever ,best you can do is love/appreciate them while you can.
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    That man and his service animal could very well be responsible for saving countless lives, and possibly responsible for saving his owners life countess times as well .That man may only be alive because of that dog. I'm sure there's stories he could tell.
    RIP to all of our fallen service members , 2 or 4 legged.
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