'Almost Orwellian'

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Yard Dart, Dec 22, 2013.

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    'Almost Orwellian' -- why Judge Leon is right about massive NSA spying program | Fox News
    The check and balance of our government has spoken.... this is why Obummer is trying to seat judges with his philosphy and slanted view on how America should be "changed". If they can out number the current constitutionalist judges, with activist judges, they win.... or they think they do until the people pick up their pitch-forks and say enough. Just one more reason to be more proactive in the voting process, to ensure that like minded folks are seated.... to maintain the intergrity of the constitution. If not, the master shall crack the whip on the slave (you) and ye shall pull... lest ye be shot.
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  2. Dont

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    It is unfortunate for us , that there are not enough of those that have reached that point in their personal growth that they are not as like minded as us, yet...
  3. Gunny Highway

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    They are listening - they have been listening and they will keep on listening no matter what the Courts say is my take on this.

    My Grandfather was a quiet man - not at all prone to hyperbole etc. This was his greatest fear for liberty. He had me read 1984 and Brave New World when I was probably too young but he took the time to explain the meanings of government intrusion into the average citizens life and the dire forebodings for our freedom when this sort of thing happened and wasn't met with overwhelming and universal outrage.

    It's happened and while some people are outraged the general public has remained in its ADHD attention span and its return to the apathy it wallows in...Grandpa - you were right. ( Gunny shakes his head sadly )
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    For the same types of reasons, my father had me read Atlas Shrugged.
  5. mysterymet

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    I had a teacher in high school recommend atlas shrugged. Looking back now she was most likely a libertarian.
  6. kellory

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    I required my wife to read it before I would marry her. her family are all cops, so I got a full background check before she would marry me. ;)
  7. BTPost

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    It is a very good thing my FIL couldn't do a background check on "Me" before I got married...... In my youth, I was kind of an UnCaught Thug, and well known to the local Police.... They just could never catch Me "In the Act" but knew who was behind much of the mischief in the neighborhood. Then after High School, I moved to SE Idaho, for College, and was to busy to do much "Mischief", and after college, I entered my "Hippy Phase" and there were a whole new set of "Irregularities" I could get into... Still never got Caught.... Getting Married, fixed most of those Issues, and settled the "Wild Child" down, some, but the Memories, Oh, the Memories, and the "Wild Child" is still there, under all the "Civilizations" that have happened, since.... .....
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  8. Dont

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    Wild children of our youth continues to lurk beneath the old guy of our present. At least when it comes to this old guy! Wives are required to control the when and in what manner the child expresses itself..
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