Almost Ran Away and Joined The Circus Today

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TXKajun, Apr 25, 2016.

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    *mild rant warning!*

    OK, so where I work, one of our assistant managers announced a couple of weeks ago that he was leaving. No problem. Advertise his job in-house per SOPs, pick from one of the qualified folks that already know the job and the location. I'm not one of those folks, so I didn't apply. Last week, our group manager informed us he was leaving in a month and his job had been started Monday, ended Thursday. Only thing, the vast majority of our group, myself included, were out of town and weren't informed of this. It was announced last Thursday that a selection had been made....our other assistant manager was going to get promoted into the group manager job. Announced before the position ad closed. This left the other assistant manager's position open....and I am way qualified for that. But, and it's a big butt! It seems the position will be filled by one of the 5 applicants for the first assistant manager's position...which I didn't qualify for, so I didn't apply for. On top of it all, our big boss sent out an anonymous survey with all the candidates for the first position and asked all the employees to rank them by voting for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th choice. Then was a question about ok to bring in someone from the of the candidates was from way outside! Who the heck asks employees to vote on who they think would be best? Can you say "popularity contest"? I thought you would. It sure reminded me of our presidential election....and the election for my freshman high school president way back when.

    So, anywho, I figured I'd just say the heck with the whole thing, retire and run away and join the circus. :LOL: Then I looked around at all the clowns I work with and realized what a circus our workplace has become and came to the conclusion I was already in the circus and didn't have to go anywhere! LOLOL

    There are so many rules/regulation/SOPs that have been violated that it's downright criminal. And I'm not saying this from a "sour grapes" point of view cuz Sweetie and I talked about it and we decided I'd have to be way more of an idiot than I already am to really want to get into a manager slot at work, given the way things are.

    I think the "fix" was in a long time ago for replacing these folks who are leaving./getting promoted.
    *rant off*

  2. tacmotusn

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    Yeah, being the head inmate in an insane asylum holds little appeal when the inmates are running the asylum and the warden is out to lunch also.
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  3. ghrit

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    I can see that there should be some management changes. Good luck and do NOT rule out retirement.
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    Last year my boss offered me a supervisory position - No thanks!
    I prefer to retain my sanity, and to have a life outside the confines of the company.
  5. Legion489

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    Sounds like my new job. The mission statement and training and all that happy horse sheet and what happens are two different things. "Customer service is number one!" Yeah, right, until you actually help a customer and the managers see you out side of "your" dept actually helping them/taking them to where they need to go in the store (which is what the training claimed you need to do)! Wow, talk dirty look! "Do what you can to keep the customer happy! Go the extra mile to be polite and helpful!" I must have missed the part about only if that mile is within 10 feet of your dept HQ, and not more than 6" outside of your dept, in which case you dump them there and walk away. Or else you get the dirty look (again).

    And then they wonder why this store chain is known for surly, grumpy, unresponsive workers. "Excuse me, can you help me?.... Excuse me?..... Hello?!" WHAT?! "Can you help me?" YES. "Let me rephrase that, WILL you help me?" NO. Well naturally I didn't know about the dirty looks walking in and people were going "You actually ASKED and WANT to help me?!" Well..., um, OK, I thought it was more was I was supposed to do it, not exactly 'want'. More like told. "You actually took the time to take me where I needed to be when I didn't know, instead of pointing and walking away? AND was nice about it?" Yeah, well, I'm new and that will wear off, and I'm sure I'll be surly and grumpy soon. As soon as I can learn the trick of becoming invisible at the mere threat of a customer coming within 30 feet of me I'll be home free and one of "them"!
  6. Yard Dart

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    Speaking from the management side.... it ant what its cracked up to be...and I have been doing this for many years.:rolleyes:
    Calls in the middle of the night, answering for folks that can't operate a vehicle in a professional manner, billing complaints, financial performance pressures, monthly billing level's, to much stock in the warehouse.... and my favorite, "why is Bill's truck dirty, have him get it cleaned TODAY"..... ohhh the joys.... not even discussing the extra hours needed above and beyond that mythical 40 hour work week. ;)

    I have no promotion ability.... unless I quit and take over some other outfit.... part of the joys of working for a family owned business. If you aint family.... you aint chit in the hierarchy, other than what they want you to think.

    Enjoy that position you have @TXKajun !!! It could always get worse... and you get promoted!!!! :lol:
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    It reminds me very much of Anthony Trollope's "Warden of Barchester" and "Barchester Towers". I fear that your new manager may end up being like Obadiah Slope. May god have mercy on your soul.

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    Thanks for the kind words, everyone.

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    I think of my job the same as I do my tools.

    My tools serve a purpose...I use them daily to fullfill the duties and responsibilities of my position. When they no longer perform as expected and required, I replace them.

    Likewise, my job is the tool I use to provide for my family. When it no longer serves it intended purpose, well....

    Hang in there, @TXKajun.
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  10. Bishop

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    I am in the same boat I supervise 7 people that watch over up to 60 to 90 inmates Monday I woke up and something told me to call and see who was transporting I called guess what no one I hurry up get dressed speed to work get a van call the employee that already at the prison tell him to put inmates on the bus wait until I get there be cause we have a ratio we have to keep when we get to the work location I as the employee who was supposed to transport why she did not come in answer no one told her to now I have a schedule set up for who transports what week am and pm been set up for 8 years so the question was do i have to draw it on color paper with a crayons same one will be given a assignment and won't be done how it was asked to get done had another on not show up to work on time or not at all and would not call had more workman comp accident with no witnesses around so I gave here another job waiting in the unemployment line.
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    Take a breath once in a while, Bishop! LOLOL

    Yep, paper and crayons (maybe metaphorically anyway) may be the only way to get things across.

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    Lol I know a pirod ever once in a while mite help right.
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  13. Dont

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    I have new management at work and they are going to clean up the mess created by the previous management.. Seen the results of that before.. Not going to be pretty..
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    Don't, I know what you mean. But your remark got my curious up.....has anyone worked for a company where moral was down in the tubes and things actually got better? If so, what was the catalyst?

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