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    Aloe Vera is starting to appear more and more on shelves. I have noticed it now next to the coconut water. Aloe Vera plants used to just be used for burns but I am learning there are more uses for this plant. Please note as with every herb/plant/natural healing there are warnings.

    I know one lady who puts fresh Aloe in her husband's smoothie to help lower his blood pressure. Yes his blood pressure is lowering but I will not state that aloe is the cure because there have been other adjustments in his eating. But aloe is one of the main treatments they are using.

    I know a young mother who was worn out and just tired all the time. She now takes aloe daily and has energy, glowing and feels more up-beat.

    As I said Aloe is appearing on grocery store shelves. This means that the aloe drinks you are buying in your local grocers is not as beneficial as that that you would make yourself. I know you can get fresh aloe from Hispanic grocers, I haven't seen any in the local health food store. But why buy it? It is easy to grow.

    40 Uses
    HowStuffWorks "40 Amazing Uses for Aloe Vera!"

    ALOE: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings - WebMD

    How To Grow and Use
    How to Grow and Use Aloe Vera for Medicinal Purposes: 20 Steps
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    I used pure aloe vera gel as an aftershave when deployed to Iraq. It's soothing, will provide moisture, but best of all it's cheap, doesn't smell and easy. I also used a safety razor and had enough blades with me to last the whole time and then some.

    Try not to use aloe vera with additives, only the pure 100% aloe products.
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    Have a gallon sitting but have never used any of it. Have used fresh aloe often for skin problems. Is it safe to drink and in what strengths. Am taking heart meds so have to be careful about mixing.
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    I wouldn't ingest any of it, personally. The substance aloin can cause your bowels to roar, but the FDA did ban aloin a while back, and aloe sold and marketed, unless in pure state, has only trace amounts or no aloin. Still, the medicinal uses for internal therapy are not effective from what I have gathered. As a topical, it's very therapeutic. Your mileage may vary.
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    Alaskachick has kept an Aloe Vera Plant growing in our various Home indoor window boxes, since we were Married. It is still there today....
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    The gallon that you have sitting probably is not produced for consumption. People are correct that this will "clean you out". Some do say that it is safe to drink but I did post a link to the warnings. You taking heart meds, I wouldn't even try to tell you what to take, that is a question for your Dr. I posted this because it is helpful information and I am seeing people turning towards natural healing vs. big pharma. There was a thread on the Monkey B17, Nature's Cancer Prevention Now some will say that B-17 is bad and that apricot seeds are toxic & not to be consumed yet some people take them daily and are still here and healthy. I think this is the same with aloe. If you go to your local grocer there will be drinks with aloe in them, even Amazon is selling them: : ALO Exposed Aloe Vera with Honey, 16.9-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12) : Fruit Juices : Grocery & Gourmet Food

    I have drank the ones from my health food store but have not got on a regiment. The Hispanic lady that I know that puts in it her husbands smoothie daily just whacks some off the leaf and throws it in there. But I have noticed that they eat very differently from us. Everyday she consumes chilis. She has to or she gets sick. She is a picture of health.
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    Today so many people are using aloe vera gel or cream for improving the skin health care. Using aloe vera in a natural way is good option for the skin health care. Aloe vera gel is used to applying as gel in the hair. This will helps to improving hair health.
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