Aloha from Hawaii

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  1. Ive always loved the outdoors. Growing up in the jungle was awesome.

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    Aloha and e komo mai, brah!
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    Welcome to the monkey @H.I.S Survival. Nice that you joined. Did you literally grow up in the jungle?
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    Welcome. I have been told that there was something down there when we flew over, but all I know about the Islands was that they had some good runways and a lot of fuel for the plane, and after a few hours of flying over the Pacific that was a very comforting thing. Never got off the base so my opinion of the Islands tends to be based on either the 1980's jungle pictures or Hawaii 50 and I am sure both were not to accurate. Love reading about the old ways of total self sufficiency by the people with out metal or even pottery. Volcanic islands are the closest things to a wet desert as far as tools go, no metal, limited stone, no sand or clay, no coal or oil, took a smart bunch of cookies to prosper under those conditions.
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    Welcome to the Monkey Gabe!!!
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    Welcome !,!,,,
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    Welcome Gabe!
  8. Thank you
    You know your stuff. Around 500 years ago(maybe) ancient Hawaiians had nails from shipwrecks Spanish most likely. I believe da ancient Hawaiians were the best bushcrafters/survivalist in da history of the world. Traveling thousands of miles over open ocean in canoes with 24 plants to start a new life on one of the most remote places in da world.
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    The thing about Hawaii in a survival sense is that there aren't a lot of countries looking to blow it up. Its not like they have much army and if you stay away from the base you should be safe and self sufficient for your whole life. Boat from island to island, living off the land. Shouldn't be hard.
  10. Yes I literally grew up in da jungles of Puna Hawaii while my dad built the family homestead. No electricity or running water for years. Living in a tent surround by jungle.

    Thank you
    Hawaii has a 150 island in da chain....9 are inhabited...some are small sand island some are miles square.

    Thanks guyz!!
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    Stay and be welcome.
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    Welcome to the Monkey tree!
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