Alpha or poncho tent.

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  1. duane

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    Have heard good things about this and while it is not the worlds best tent, it does wonders for a fighting position. Have nearly fell it it when looking for it.

    Alpha Tent

    Only need to carry poles, if you have a poncho.
    Height of shelter determined by pole length, longer the pole, taller and shorter it is.
    GI poncho gives some limited IR and thermal protection. Wash with some detergents will cancel that.
    Relatively flat tent can be covered with leaves etc.
    Can use stakes to hold in place over hole, but raise easily if needed to run for it.
    Can be used horizontally with pattern to block view, works best in brush.

    Have played with it, to old to sleep under one, what have other people done? Is it worth playing with or another Rambo toy? Do we have a resource on the poncho, if not why?

    Here is a little more on ponchos

    More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Ponchos.
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  2. 3M-TA3

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    Aluminum poles are far, far better than any synthetic/fiberglass. Lighter and more durable in my experience. Also the ferrules where the segments join are flush, where most fiberglass types have cheap external ferules that snag.
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  3. madmax

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    I completely agree with al poles. Much better.
    I did a lot of tarp camping when I was revisiting my "bushcraft" phase some years back. FL is tough a lot of the year with the heat and the BUGS! under a tarp. But in the winter the simplicity is great. Got one in my BOB, BOV, and in the vehicles. JIC
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  4. duane

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    While not good, I have straightened al poles and they got me by, fiberglass goes totally to pieces when bent to far.
  5. chelloveck

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    I had an old school US army poncho back in the day when I was in the green machine....It was good value and kept me warm and dry on many a sentry duty. The army back then were still issuing WW2 era rubberised canvas 'capes'. which were bulky, heavy, and of less utility than the US ponchos. Back in the day, the soldiery, of necessity had to buy some of their own kit to satisfy needs left by gaps in the 'official' kit issue.

    MKVII Brown Waterproof Cape by Kay Canvas

    My US poncho has been MIA many years past, and unfortunately I haven't seen a more up to date US poncho yet...I still keep my eyes open in the military surplus and disposal stores...I live in hope. :)
  6. arleigh

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    I have Viet Nam-era Poncho and liner I much prefer.
    If you know the woods you going you may not need polls at all, but the concept is sound.
    If I did any thing I might add 3' more fabric around the perimeter to expand it's usefulness as a tent, and make polls that store one inside another. I have been in storms that were side ways sleet and the poncho worked fine for my upper body but not my legs. My option was to hunker down in wet snow to shed the wind off my wet clothes.
  7. Wildbilly

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    I have done a lot of Civil War re-enacting and a period poncho ( rubberized canvas) with a hat will keep you half-way dry, and more importantly your weapon and cartridge box. If the weather is really cold a wool blanket helps a lot. I remember a sleepless night spent in a thunderstorm....
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