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    Loopy, if they were on a public road, they WERE IN HIS JURISDICTION. same with dirt bikes. If the tires hit the road , it can be ticketed. You doubt it, there are dozens of videos about dirt bikes jumping the roadway to piss the cops off, but until they touch it, he can't do anything about it.
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    Interesting. I wonder what other items that could apply to.
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    Perhaps anything with licensing. Just be careful not to open Pandora's box.
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    @enloopious, Not True at all, It is a violation in most States to operate a Motor Vehicle on Public Roads without a Registration, and THAT is what the LEO would cite, on the summons.... You go to court and would be convicted, of that.....
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    Well of course if you pleaded guilty by dishonoring their bill of exchange at a traffic stop you would be prosecuted. What if you aren't operating a motor vehicle and instead exercising your common law right to travel in your private conveyance? Can you be cited for walking without a license? How about riding a bike without a license? Skateboarding? I have first hand experience with this and the cop could not make his statutory law stick to me for riding a bike drunk. He didn't let me go, he had no legal ground to stand on. He tried to make it sound like he was giving me a break but I know the truth.

    I think your confusion comes from not knowing the difference between a car and a motor vehicle. The law states that motor vehicles include cars and horse drawn carriages, carts, buggies, etc. While the definition of car does NOT include motor vehicles.You can see how most people would be confused and admit to the legal mumbo jumbo easily and in ignorance. A license to DRIVE is not a license to travel. Anyone can travel in a free country.

    If you plead guilty by conducting business with the LEO and admitting to operating a motor vehicle in his jurisdiction then he will oblige you by offering you the service of instructional correction for a fee. This is called a benefit privilege by the legal system. You call it fines and jail time.
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    That would be akin to telling the FAA I don't need a pilot license because I'm not flying a plane, I'm just sitting in a mechanical bird. Nice try, but much like paying income taxes, some fight are better left unfought to stay and fight ones we can win
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    The littlest fights are sometimes the most important fights. The little fights are the ones that stop us all from going near the slippery slope. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the smallest fights are the ones you fight for the hardest. They are the ones that will stop the incrementalism.
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    Oh, and about the FAA, there is a BIG difference between telling someone you are in a mechanical bird and using legal words you don't understand. I am not using funny words, they are the lawful description of what you are doing. The legal definition of DRIVING says that you must be conducting business under the employ of another to be driving. Without getting paid to do so you are simply travelling... unless you plead guilty to doing otherwise. I am not making this up, the law books made it up. Look at the first 10 Amendments. They do not use the word PERSON, they use people. Haven't you ever stopped to wonder why there are two different words to describe things that appear to be exactly the same? Its because there are two different definitions. Common law and legal statutory law. America and UNITED STATES inc. If you use legal words you put yourself in the legal jurisdiction. If you use lawful words then you are in common law jurisdiction. Ever heard of a common law marriage? Are those fantasy made up words too? Here's a few examples. Get a law dictionary and prove me wrong.

    LEGAL WORD/English word
    Motor vehicle/car

    The list goes on and on. Ever wonder why you get a receipt when you buy something? Its the legal title to a real item just like the pink slip on a car. If possession is 9/10ths of the law then why do you need the paper? The right to work and earn a living is the same as your right to live and breath and can not be taxed morally, only voluntarily and if you ever noticed, the IRS has said publicly that everyone who pays taxes does so voluntarily.
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    Here in Montana you can register Quads, golf carts, ATV's and such as motorcycles so that isn't an issue. Problem is they don't get any better gas mileage than an efficient modern car. I wonder though if you took a "small" efficient scooter or motorcycle and put on a streamlined sidecar how that would work.
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    see if you can register a Japanese micro vehicle... they can reach speeds of 70 miles an hour and over 45mpg.... cost around 3-5k
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    I found an article the other day about a company developing a 3 wheeled peddle powered vehicle with a small electric motor that could be switched on or off and could reach about 20mph. If I can find the article again I will post it. Seemed pretty sweet to me.

    Found it. Not perfect but a good place to start. They have a cargo version as well. Peddle power works alot of places seems perfect post STHF very quiet real actively easy to maintain.
    Organic Transit
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