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    Largely because 12V requires larger conductors, and because well pumps are relatively high draw power users. Since you are going to have a mix of AC and DC, put the well pump on 120VAC instead.
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    Buck transformer. I'd never heard that term until reading Cruisin Sloth's post. I looked it up. Interesting.
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    You may want to look at grundfous pumps.
    They have one pumperson that will run off pretty much any voltage up to 300v AC or DC. But I don't think it will run off standard 12vdc power. I think it needed 24 or 30 volts minimum.

    12v systems and gear are super common but suffer really badly from voltage drop. A 1 or 2 volt drop in a 12v system is really bad like the difference between stuff working or not. A 1 or 2 volt drop is not nearly as detrimental to a 24v system and a 2v drop is negligible in a 48v system.
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    I've been considering a Grundfos pump for awhile now, and in fact I spent some time on line today looking at this one. It requires 115V AC, which is fine for my situation.
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    photo-3. You NEED to Learn IER or Power , & the Basic of a harvest .
    You are caught in a LIE of lost . Learn POWER and the formula of the build . We are at a set of set formulas .Voltage drop as has been mentioned ,
    you need to harvest more that you can use in 2 days use .and store 3 days use is just a break even system..

    Just that pump you posted is needing a 3000w plus inverter . or something will burn out.
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