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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by monkeyman, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. monkeyman

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    Well, we all know gas is getting expensive and most of us know it is only going to get worse. At this point its just a bit painful to fill up but as was mentioned on another thread here, where do you draw the line at the pump, at some point it may get prohibitive to the point of not makeing enouph money to pay for the gas to drive to work. For most folks in the city this would be more an inconvenience than anything as they could still use mass transit if they had to, but for those where that is not an option and those of us in rural areas, if you cant get gas the only obvious anwsers are walk or get a horse to ride, both limit the distance you can travel in a day to around 20 miles or so. My question is what are some other forms of transportation you all have thought of? I talked to a guy last night that is trying to build an electric bike/dune buggy sort of critter to go to town for erands 20 odd miles away, anyone here consider any alternative stings that dont use gas or else get astronomical milage?
  2. Tracy

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    Currently, my only other option would be mountain bike, but I generally stay close to home.

    It certainly wouldn't get the kids to their doctor for a checkup, as that's quite a drive.
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    I just watched a show the other day about a guy who had developed a type of fuel that turns back into water. He originally designed it for his welder but then made it run in his car and he can drive 200+ miles on 4oz of water. They are currently in talks with him to buy his patent.
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    If so, I hope he produces it himself and dosnt sell the pattent. Have known for years of at least 2 carborator systems that got over 50 mpg when added to big old gas hogs and the big boy bought the rights to them along with prototypes and a clause that they could not be remade then buried them. At least one I KNOW was for real as I knew the guy and he had one on his vehicle but if he made or sold even one to anyone it would have cost him millions in contractual penalties and prsecution for paten infringment. Which who knows, maybe in the current climate they would actualy produce them and just take a few years for the prices to get realistic.
  5. nope

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    Yeah I am not real sure about the whole story b/c it was when Kopf was channel surfing so I just caught bits and pieces. I think it was on Discovery channel.
  6. monkeyman

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    I know they have one that was supposed to come out late last year that has a thing in the house that seperates the hydrogen out of water and fills removeable tanks, but I never heard anything about it after it was supposed to go into production.
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  8. Tracy

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    The fuel is cheap and the waste can be used as an alternate energy source (methanol).

    It's a Win/Win vehicle!

    It's a Cowasaki

  9. E.L.

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    I need to get me one of those!
  10. monkeyman

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    ...And if it breaks down you have a steak dinner!
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    Here in San Pedro, gas just topped $5.00 per gallon. Thousands of little motor cycles everywhere being pushed around. You see them with 100lbs. propane tanks across the backseat. Sometimes there are entire families riding on one of them. I saw three guys on a 70cc yamaha trying to drag a thirty foot palm tree down the interstate with one during a rain storm yesterday.
    lots of really skinny horses pulling wagons made from plywood with automobile axels under them.
  12. nope

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    They say by winter it will be $3 a gallon or more. Is it true Willy Nelson runs his diesels off of sunflower oil? Is it also true there is no conversion needed for that?
  13. melbo

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    Diesel just hit $2.50 here

    I'd say, get a good pair of boots and move your family closer together. We may find ourselves not so global for awhile
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