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Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by Hanzo, Aug 24, 2018.

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    My old pair of Nike trail runners are all worn and I was slip sliding on the trail. So it was time for a new pair. Visited Ray, the owner of Runners HI, and he suggested the Altra King MT. He said he and his son only wear Altra's even though he sells many brands. He had the King MT 2 in stock. But I did not want to pay that price if it wasn't going to work for me. I had bought a different brand of trail shoes before and they actually hurt my feet and I gave them away. My wife tells me that I have troll feet. They are wide. Probably a lifetime of being barefoot might have something to do with it.

    So I ordered the King MT 1 from Amazon. They were about half the price of the 2's. So that is a big plus.

    And they fit my wide feet. I have gone on three hikes with them so far with some trail running. Much better traction with lugs that are not mostly gone. Even walking on rocks in a stream was ok. There are some terrain features that it really won't matter and will be slippery. Rocks and roots wet with moss and mud will be slippery most of the time. Just gotta be careful. And when the slope is steep and it is slick with mud, it will be slippery. Even the new lugs don't grab on a really steep muddy slope. I slid and left maybe five sliding skid marks on the last steep one. Thankfully, it was only shoe skid and not ass or body skid.

    So the shoe is conforatable even for my wide feet and even though they do not come in wide. The laces are long enough to tie in various configurations to fit your feet, including the ankle lock lacing technique (secures your foot and heel in the shoe). Most running shoes can be tied that way.

    So on my three hikes, I went on steep, dry, wet, muddy, slippery, in and over streams and like the shoes. They drained pretty well, when we had to wade through water and it has a velcro strap mid-foot. Makes it a little more secure and I also use that to hold my laces down. Haven't had them come undone that way. Three hikes and maybe 12-15 miles is a small sample size. But they worked well hiking and running. And did not require a break in period.

    After its first time out. Pretty much comes back wet and muddy every time out.

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  2. Hanzo

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    Oh, I usually prefer plain, single color (like brown) for my shoes. Not available with these. I bought these for performance. And they perform.

    My old Nikes are now my street running shoes.
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    Looks like you put them through their paces (so to speak) even in the short time you've worn them.

    How are you, the wife and the little monkeyettes weathering that storm?
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    I've never heard of them until now... When I was running and logging a lot of miles, I normally purchase New Balance because I found them to hold up better and they were better on the trails which is where I did most of my running. I'll keep the Altra King MT in mind the next time I'm looking for running/trail shoes.
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    We're all good. Mahalo @Altoidfishfins.
  6. Hanzo

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    Mid-term review.

    Altra’s have been eating the miles. One to two hikes a week since getting them.

    They are still comfortable and still holding out. Good deal.

    They are taking on a more brown tone, but that is a good thing.

    Lightweight, reasonably priced and comfortable, especially for wide feet. Unless you wear felt soled tabis with steel spikes, any shoe will slip on wet rocks and moss and roots. This one is no exception. But for the most part, the tread and footing is great.

    Hawaii trails tend to be more on the technical side, so lots of slipping opportunities. I have slid on the slippery stuff wear I expect slippery. I have hiked and run on the trails. Thankfully have not fallen while wearing these. I sacrifice speed for safety. Plus I like to stop and look at things. I rarely fall. KNOCK ON WOOD!

    Wifee goes for more speed, so she falls much more than I do. She’s fallen three times this past week.

    I would buy these again. They have a 2.0 version that I did not get. It has a slightly thicker footbed and sole and a newer design. I got 1.0 because I like having a thinner sole. Plus this was the first time trying this brand. 2.0 costs almost 2x as much.
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    I appreciate this review. When I first became a prepper/ Survival Monkey I kept reading boots were the way to go. One needed a decent pair of boots for bugging out or if one had to walk home. I have boots but I have no desire to walk home in them because they make my feet sweat and I get tired from the weight of faster. Your sneaker review shows that a sneaker/running shoe can be worn in suburbia or in the forest and still perform.
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    I wear the Altras and sometimes pack a pair of Luna sandals. If I am staying an extended time, I can air out my feet in the sandals. Walk through streams while keeping the shoes dry.
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