ALWAYS carry a knife

Discussion in 'Blades' started by Hanzo, Jul 5, 2018.

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    Always... and sometimes something extra

    Colt 1991A1.JPG
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  3. sec_monkey

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    Rule #9

    "Never go anywhere without a knife." - revealed in the Season 1 episode, One Shot, One Kill [ NCIS ]

    plus [ditto] wut @Dunerunner said [applaud]
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  4. Bishop

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    I live by this rule so far three people needed to be stabbed in the throat and no cheese cake to be found.

  5. ochit

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  6. ochit

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    This is my go to EDC and I am never that far from my truck / vehicle where I have other blades.
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  7. Ura-Ki

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    Me with out a knife some place on my body is a very bad day! Not gonna happen if I'm still breathin!
  8. Brokor

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    I once spent more time choosing the right blade than I did dressing until I just narrowed my selection down to 3 for EDC.

    Ridiculous. But, necessary.
  9. Oddcaliber

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    Cheap dollar store knife with my Leatherman as backup.
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  10. Gator 45/70

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    I feel naked without a blade on me...........I don't want to be seen naked [seeno][hearno][sayno]
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  11. ochit

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    I did not explain that the SOG Flash II and other knifes have a safety as far as for me I disabled it with some of that stringy glue comes in your mail and a tiny piece of aluminum foil locked it in place. I have never had a problem with this coming open. It may be due to the models requirement that it open over an inch before the assisted spring pressure engages an opens the knife.

    A knife is the second layer of defense and mostly for all the things that need to be done like opening a feed sack that has crappy sewing cut insulation off wire open boxes and I cut the heads off a few snakes most every year in my pens mpstly rat snakes and copperheads or finish off a large wood rat the trap did not break their neck.

    Knife fighting is for the young and agile, the old saying states that colt made all men equal not Ginsu (kitchen knives) that said a knife attack is faster than a response with a holstered pistol or the ability to do anything but throw off your attacker and try not to get tangled up cornered or not expect there are more than one attacker. I count on my awareness first to keep me out of trouble. Having made my living in places where knife attacks or menacing to rob you is normal M.O; or blunt instrument, You watch and have a defense mine was a rolled up newspaper and a length chain with a "D" ring or a soda pop bottle and some skills training.

    Most places do not allow foreigners to have anything remotely sharp or a firearm. In this country even if your allowed police courts and juries are horrified if the assailant is cut to pieces even if they had a blade if your not harmed look for a hostile jury. America is not there quite yet but when it flies apart knives will become more encountered and the people will not run and may well attack as a group you see this in recent attacks on Trump associates and supporters more than one so if something happens they can back up each others lies. we area tick away from murders, allowing someone within your personal space gives them 100% success to do whatever they intend including 2 hold you and one beat you to death. This is a stupid thing to allow, it sets a precedent that your suppose to maintain the high ground and you ignore your defensive response and you get murdered ? People that do these things are mentally ill dangerous and we see from all the unrest to be violent and the police stand down and many times no one is arrested and they have started using home made bombs made from fireworks, Where is the FBI ? Bombs are terrorism why were not all the rioters arrested and questioned to identify and track them ? In my opinion because the local leaders want a civil war or fear retaliation from law suits either way it's bad for all of us.
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  12. SB21

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    Just read a story today , where a kid was at work , at a fast food type store , 2 other kids go in and attack the kid working. The working kid ends up stabbing one of the attackers , not life threatening , and the victim got 11 years for defending himself. Somewhere up north , Mass , or around there. They don't have the "Stand your ground " law. That's a screwed up system there ,protect yourself and go to prison,,,,stupid !!!!
  13. Brokor

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    [winkthumb] I do a similar thing to all of my SOG blades which have the safety. I cram a tightly folded piece of paper inside the safety, fill with super glue, paint over it with a marker, done.

  14. sarawolf

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    I always have my leatherman at the very least.
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  15. hot diggity

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    Always carry a knife. Sound advice indeed. But as important as carrying the knife is keeping it.

    Try three somersaults with all your EDC gear on. Does the blade or handle poke or stab you? Does it fall off? If you reach up for something and your shirt pulls up, is the knife visible? Can somebody else garb it and use it on YOU? Is it detectable in a quick pat-down search? Can you get to a blade with either hand? If you carry it on one side, can you open it with that hand? Does each blade have a lanyard? (Keeps you from losing it in a fight, or far more likely, in the dark, when you just set it down "right here" a second ago, or hear it "plunk" into the lake.)
  16. arleigh

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    Working on boats you learn to carry a knife you can afford to loose, and a spare that is in your pocket at all times . Harbor Freight sells/sold a reasonable rigging knife I have several spares .
    Working over water is a great teacher ",if" you have the propensity to learn.
    Diving I'm never with out a diving knife with a lanyard it's SOP.
    In a fresh water lake in the mountains there is little possibility of big fish you need to worry about, but fishing line is the greater danger . STUPID fishermen leave their old fishing line in the water and it becomes a hazard . getting tangled in that stuff is weird cause you can't see it , not like kelp .
    Often enough I have had to dive for sunk boats and both free and tie off lines for raising the boat again ,way too much fun.
    You can't be fiddling with trying to open a pocket knife in these situations nor is it wise to not use the lanyard at all times the knife is required .
    Often enough I've had to work almost blind with zero visibility so you have to have a good memory for the vessel your working on .
    If you never venture under water how is this relevant ?
    during especially heavy down pours of rain wind and darkness being able to tie off tarps and equipment is just as critical although your not holding you breath the pressure to perform means that you need a knife that is ready, not something your have to be preparing amongst all the other things at hand .
    Spring assist have their place, but real work sometimes involves battoning or prying which spring assist are too vulnerable . One does not always have the opportunity to change gear in the midst of an emergency . Sometimes we like to think that we will never get elected to deal with these kinds of situations ,if your reading this, life's possibilities are not over yet.
    I have often rehearsed to my self my few events of mountain lion and bear encounters . An had my gun been knocked out of my hand having my Bowie at the ready was comforting.
    One more thing I'd like to say lastly .
    A good friend was attacked by his own Doberman and during the struggle forgot about the knife on his hip . He was fortunate that a neighbor had the where with all to shoot the dog ,but had this taken place some where else he may have not survived .
    Having the knife, the practice to instantly retrieve it, and the will to use it, are essential .
    You carry a spare tire that fits the vehicle you drive . we all hate those dough nut tires, they are not designed for regular use. inferior to the real thing.
    Going into a situation "with the potential" of something greater than a little carving knife is capable of .is like relying on that doughnut tire indefinitely.
    I am one of those that when I take a long trip, I take 2 real deal spares for the vehicle and two for the trailer .
    I also carry more than one knife on me and 2 more in my EDC bag .
    Knives are not a fetish, they are both precision and general tools necessary in the different areas of my professions.
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  17. Brokor

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    Ah... Demographics


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  18. hot diggity

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    Not all old folks are out of shape and lacking stamina. I get around like a teenager most of the time, and know gentlemen well into their 70's that are still rising motorcycles all over the country and running triathlons. We ain't dead yet.
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  19. apache235

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    70 is the new 50 and yes I still carry a blade of some sort, ever since about the 5th grade
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  20. Guerrilla Tactical

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    30 yr old Schrade as a sidearm. Had it since I was a kid and still remember the day I bought it. The sheath is rotting away. I also carry a Kabar and a Leatherman.
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