Amaranth anyone grow this??

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    I have looked for it but can not find it, it sounds yummy!! I would like to try some, if any of you grow it for purchase :)
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    You should be able to get this in the bulk bins of a natural foods store to try. That might be one of the grains that is too small to grind in a home grinder. You might want to check me on that. I know it is quite small.
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    They are very small seeds and grind just fine.
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    We have a veritable Cult of Amaranth growers here at the Monkey. Check out those threads Brokor linked.
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    This is one I don't grow only because it's literally growing everywhere. It's a frequent garden escapee and it does pretty darn well just about anywhere since it's seed heads contain about 500,000 seeds… it's self-pollinating and.... can tolerate a broad range of growing conditions. Deer and starlings leave it alone so when it's advertised as being good for the deer infested garden... they're not kidding. Seriously.... this is one I don't plant myself so I have more space to grow other things and well.... it can get pretty weedy and I don't need any more work around here then I've already got.... one good strong wind on that before you get a chance to harvest it and you'll have it popping up everywhere. I really can drive along the road and it's everywhere so I'm not going to allocate precious grow space to it but... that's just me. If you choose to go this route you'll soon realize it's pretty easy to spot. There aren't any lookalikes to pigweeds. I definitely collect it after the 1st frost. This is a fantastic grain because the essential amino acid balance is a Mary Poppins "practically perfect". This plant is VERY easy to harvest. I just cut it down then hang them upside down in paper bags from the beams in my basement letting them to dry and they shed their seed on their own. Once they do that..... I've got what looks like a gold miner's pan that has a mesh that's about the size of window screen. It actually separates out the chaff pretty easy. I found this online…. she does it differently than me but her way looks as good as any, Milkweed Diaries: Amaranth.
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    I think I must be thinking of Millet.
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