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    SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) – Law enforcement agencies have begun adopting a new policy on so-called “active shooters,” encouraging civilians to take safety into their own hands and take down gunmen who threaten them at work or school.
    This approach is gaining momentum in the wake of tragic incidents in Newtown, Connecticut and the Oikos University shooting in Oakland.
    At San Jose Evergreen Community College, police have trained teachers, staff and students to follow specific guidelines during this kind of emergency.
    The campus police chief credits this training for their coordinated response last December when a gunman was thought to have entered one of their buildings. “Some folks even said I know now whether it is time to hide or the right time to fight back,” said Chief Raymund Aguirre.

    Apparently, there is at least ONE Police Chief in Kommirfornia, that is not "Dumber than a ROCK".....
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    RIGHT. Oh yeah, take on an active shooter when you are not allowed to possess a firearm in public. So what is their grand plan on how to stop the shooter. Kind of like telling someone to go to a gunfight with a knife, except the knife would be illegal in Commiefornia.
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    Come on man, have you already forgotten about the scissors? All you need are a pair of snips and you're good to go, just ask DHS!
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    Take their gun away and shoot them with it?
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    images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRI-XnW35nwtUWU2hbGeLXH6O4dV56Q0hnBOFc6fprq5WdbR8VdZw These might do ok.
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    Who needs guns in Commie Fornia when you've got the PSYCHIC SHIELD protection? The bad guys don't stand a chance!


    To activate your psychic shield, just think of fluffy bunnies and sit down on the ground as pictured above. No harm will ever come to you! It works! The bad guys smile and ask to join's a happy thought, inspired by global unity and complete delusion!
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    Apparently, there is at least ONE Police Chief in Kommirfornia, that is not "Dumber than a ROCK".....[/quote]

    I din't say I agreed with him, or his approach, I just noted that he is not "Dumber than a ROCK" These Kommiefornia Cops are on their way to follow New York Cops, and be reduced to "Throwing Rocks" at the Bad Guys.... or at a minimum "Pulling a RENO" on them, after they get them surrounded..... .....
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    I learned that there are many Californians struggling to take back their state. I watched Cspan on day and they had a town hall meeting on gun control. The folks going up to the microphone were very conservative and loved their country, guns and constitution.
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    Every gun control issue that was place on the ballot was defeated in Ca. Its the people they elect that are the problem.
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