Amazing viral trick shot videos...skill, artifice, or mere deception?

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    Captain Disillusion is part of the skeptical community....his mission and special talent is debunking internet hoaxes; So, if you see a You tube clip proclaiming a miracle, there will most likely be a mundane explanation for it.

    Here is the video where he demonstrates throwing a small ball into a could watch the whole clip, or you could just tune in at the 20 minute 42 second mark....

    And for home is a good explanation of thermodynamics and entropy...

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    Thanks for posting the entertainment - very fun stuff. And now I need to subscribe to CD myself. The guy has a good sense of humor.
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    I got to call fake on that Doctor D video (first one). If he jumped off that, whatever it is, and landed in Florida and hit that hard he would have been covered in dirt. He isn't, so it is fake!
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    Welcome to the world of CGI, Legion.
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