complicit in attempt to disarm Seattle?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Jan 12, 2013.

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    NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I buy almost everything from there. Arghhhhh! These gun twits are going to ruin their business from a whole segment of the population on this issue . . . and the other side largely either doesn't have jobs or buys from boutiques.

    Amazon Helps With Gun Buyback Program - Business Insider

    In other news, all 4 guns in Seattle were turned in (joke).
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    I actually like the idea of gun buybacks for a few very well thought out reasons.
    1. Only dumb people would be willing to give up their guns. I don't want dumb people owning guns. I want intelligent humans operating and possessing firearms. Dumb people by their very description tend to do dumb things, heaven help those down range of a dumb person with a firearm.
    2. It appeases the fears of the antis', sheeple, and the financial backers get some goodwill when the dumb media reports that 200 deadly automatic AKs are taken off the streets in _______insert some city here ______
    with tallies and pictures to boot.
    5 Sniper AK's from Latvia
    6 Russin AK's
    with deadly bayonets

    Scores of concealable High capacity AKs that could be smuggled into prisons, schools, and movie theaters
    A couple of short barreled AK's

    a few AK's capable of defeating Tank Armor
    dozens of AKs that could be used in assassinations because they used special caseless/cartridgeless ammunition developed by the Chinese.
    4 really good disguised AKs

    a small arsenal of AK's turned in by the owners of a senior citizens center after they sedated the residents by adding valium to the pudding

    A few early versions of Irocky AKs smuggled in across the border

    some of the cases even had users manuals
    those were promptly burned before anyone got to read them and be subverted by it contents.

    Overall, the general public of sheeple likes gun buy backs, And so do I
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    OK, *your* argument makes sense to a pointǂ . . . but I don't think Jeff Bezos is coming from this perspective, which is why I don't want Amazon involved in putting their $0.02 on the issue. Bezos probably thinks just like every other liberal that wants to make a difference without really thinking about the issue.

    ǂ yes, you and I aren't going to turn OUR guns in for a gift card . . . but, neither are gang-bangers or hoods. Their guns are worth more to them than the gift card. So, really, all "buy-backs" accomplish is getting marginal populations to turn in guns that aren't used anyway. So, you've accomplished nothing.
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    Except removing them from the possibility of being STOLEN.... Which is. PLUS in my Book....
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    I love the idea of gun buybacks. But I seriously think the wrong people are conducting them.
    sure it make the community feel all safe and secure knowing that these have been turned in to churches, civic groups and community pd's.

    But you know who should be holding gun buybacks?
    How about the NRA? Gun Owners of America? Or state Gun Owner associations. And then hold a raffle or banquet for members to get a gun!

    Man I'd love to get me one of those Saturday night specials like a Raven 25 or how about that gal that turn in her grandpas German bring back souvenir?

    Yep, The people that appreciate firearms for all their faults should be the ones doing the buyback. I'd just about guarantee that they'd never be used on the street to boot!

    If the people are too dense to figure out that the police are not here to protect them (Warren v. District of Columbia) And that giving up the only means of protecting themselves from:
    Governmental Abuse (Fed,State and/or local)
    Wolves and other predators (Gang Bangers, local hoodlums, P.O.'d ex spouse, hell maybe even a real wolf or coyote)

    Well, there is that Darwin theory about survival.
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    My new favourite saying is now:
    'You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink...' Yeah but you can drown the thick fucker.

    I've decided that I am neither a tyrrant, nor a wolf.

    I might be a sheepdog. But I'm growing tired of trying to convince all the sheep to move in a timely fashion away from the fence where the tall grass grows. And where lurks they hungry predators, watching, waiting, for the errant sheep to wander too close.

    So maybe a few sheep maybe lost to the wolves, alas, Darwin may have been right.
  7. VisuTrac

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    I unfortunately believe that the individuals that give up the guns in their homes are what we might call Fainting Goats. Alas, they too have a purpose. Unfortunate for them but I can't help those that refuse to accept the world around them.
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    I agree with you on that point. Like CATO, I use them all the time and it upsets me that they are aligning with the anti's. I sent them an email and if they don't change their ways I will only use them as a last resort.
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    I worked in SF years ago when they did the first gun buy back. A gunsmith I knew dumped 2 boxes of junkers on them at 50 dollars a piece. He made 1300 bucks.
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