AMAZON> FWIW>> Late deliveries,Seller Fraud and Attempted intimidation By seller.

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    No this is not about bad service by Amazon, in fact it is a subject that affects all of us in the CCP Virus event and the need to keep life as normal as we can.

    In the process of helping others we have experienced a number of very late arrivals and in fact a case of International fraud from a seller from another country as well as very poor service from a seller in China.

    To explain the events just let me say we are always polite and follow the Amazon rules of staying within the Amazon guidelines for correction of lost, late, missing items or just plane rude service from some company employee.

    From this experience we found Amazon quick to correct sellers with bad habits or fraud sellers (sellers who represent an item as a US product when it is produced outside US borders by the CCP).

    Rural US citizens especially need parts and service to be delivered in a correct and timely to enable them to stay safe and healthy. In this a safe and steady water supply is paramount. Quality service and timely repairs often requires the help of others and no one can have all the spares in hand when something breaks down.

    Amazon did remove the fraudulent seller and a full refund was guaranteed by Amazon. Another seller was very late and had poorly packed items in a poor quality cardboard box which resulted in missing parts and a delay in repairs. This was combined with excuses from the seller and a very slow shipping time for replacement of 15 days. Due to the fact that the seller did not have in place a US representative for backup.

    Thanks to Amazon the delivery time from China went from 15 days to 5 and a promise by the seller to decrease shipping time and quality of packaging!

    More later as this plays out and a picture of preppar's work and can do attitude on repairs.

    Now if we can bring back Manufacturing to the US we can say good by to poor quality, excuses and poor service.
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    I have always hated amazon.
    I have always hated ebay slightly less.
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    recently had a similar experience... figure it was a drop shipper here in the US that was getting parts from China...
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    "Now if we can bring back Manufacturing to the US "
    I believe after this virus we will definite see some manufacturing return to the US. I believe it will be specific stuff like pharmaceuticals and personal protection gear; however, I would hope that given the lesson taught to us in this crisis that many other essential items be scrutinized and its manufacturing return also. Well, if our government had any sense that is what we would do...

    But, manufacturing returning stateside in general? I don't see it ever happening unless harsh and hard policies are put in place which goes against our policy of 'Free Trade.' Sad but... It is simple impossible to compete against Chinese companies especially since they are in lock-step with their government.
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    This is what you call expedited and what happens when AMAZON gets involved with a delivery gone wrong.

    25 Jun 20 12:27 PM - Customs status updated - CINCINNATI HUB,UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
    Ship From:

    Ship To:
    US "

    Clear to me DHL was used and the parts were flown in direct from China to CINCINNATI HUB,UNITED STATES OF AMERICA In 18 hours.
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    I ordered a rain jacket from AMAZON. Shipped from Kentucky, showed on UPS being in my town for a week, never made it to the house. Contacted Amazon, they refunded. I checked after a week, tracking # then showed it in LA, California. Week or so later, it showed up at my door !
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    Covid at this time is part of the problem with new hires and distance requirements or so me thinks.
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    Last night my parts were just clearing China EXIT customs.
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    I ordered two trailer tires a while back (free shipping!) and they never showed even though tracking said they were delivered. I contacted Amazon and they had the seller ship a new set in 3 days. Almost a month later the first pair shows up. Since the company played nice with the replacements I notified them and they sent a return ticket. Who knows where the tires spent 30 days. Since it was FedEx, I'm guessing they went to Lostralia for processing.
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    Yup a lot of the problems are caused by the shipping companies.

    I watched as one order as it was sent round trip to south Texas twice.

    Finally showed up one night at 2100.
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    I never use FedEx for shipping, PERIOD.... All our Amazon stuff comes USPS or UPS if it is needed in a hurry... FedEx ships all their Alaska stuff to LosAnchorage, where they turn it all over to the USPS, for delivery... Easier to just have USPS do the whole deal...
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    Ah yes the SurePost of missing shipments.
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    Remember, Obama said "those manufacturing jobs are gone and they're not coming back".
    Trump brings back something like 6 million manufacturing jobs.
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    Just another tactic to depress the American people and the economy.

    In some circles they call that self fulfilling prophecy.
    How ever treason is a better word.
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    Not bad.
    DHL Customer Support <>
    "Notification for shipment event group "Out for Delivery" for 29 Jun 20."

    10 thousand miles, give or take, and 5 days, actually 3 days as DHL does not do week ends unless it's a special!
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    DSCF5236.JPG Part arrived, well packed and complete.

    Now wasn't that easy?

    Thank you Amazon!
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