Amazon Kindle Fire 7" Gen 5 39.99

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Salted Weapon, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. Salted Weapon

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    Amazon Kindle Fire 7" Gen 5 39.99.
    I picked up another one of these at this price its back on sale again, these were a few hundred just two years ago this model will take a sd card and is wifi.
    I use these for books and storage of helpful information I have solar portables that charge it so rather then carry a crap load of tech books I keep them on here, you can also put tech videos and instructions, its a good prepper resource with SD you can fit a ton of material.
    I think the sale is two weeks ?
    You can get more memory if you want, I found the sd care works better then paying for added memory.
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  3. Salted Weapon

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    I wish they did 3g but . My father in law bough one of the 4th gens paid 199.00 my son bought a 3rd and paid more.
    These have faster processors, and more memory as well as SD card which is new in the 5th gen. I see no issues with it at all fast enough and Amazon has a bazzilion free apps.
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    I own one of these 5th gen Fire's and they work well enough for the price.
    I don't like how it's not capable of side-loading, which makes storage on the SD card useless (unless you hack it), but I just used my browser and downloaded all my .PDF files and access them through the browser on the local drive. It's fantastic for Kindle books, though. And the battery lasts long enough for what it is (I turn wifi off).

    Gear Review - Kindle Fire Tablet (5th Generation 2015) | Survival Monkey Forums
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  5. Salted Weapon

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    Ive not had to many problems manual loading seems to work pretty well so far, a tad tricky but works. I just download it on my droid phone then copy the file over and manual install.
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    @Salted Weapon Thanks! I didn't notice these were on sale as been busy lately. I have 3 Kindles which I love as I'm a big reader and for $40 I would like to try their Fire, Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
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