AMERICA...has lost her edge?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dragonfly, Oct 27, 2011.

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    I am so sick and tired of hearing some dingleberry ( and I am being NICE!) say repeatedly How WE as Americans have lost our edge. Americans have lost their imagination and creativeness, and then being compared to BEJING and EUROPE!
    (SCREW THAT CRAP! BUT, What can one expect from a SOCIALIST MORON?)
    I love a challenge and I thrive on it!
    Now, I will admit that there is generation that has now become complacent, and want to be cuddled and had fed, BUT not by OUR own doing! Those that want to sit on the sofa and eat chocolate bon bons and watch Oprah are their own problem. Many today are so hung up on getting entitlements, I have had some raging arguments with some jerks that want me to give up my social security benefits so they can have them and more! The Problem is simple but they can't see the forest for the trees! I've worked since I was 14 and I paid in and now I get some of that back...( if it lasts and IF I am lucky!).
    Too many want someone else to pay the rent, put food on the table and clothes on their backs, while they sit around and become vegetables!
    That's the whole problem. I can't see it being GENETIC! It had to come from some source, and the best I have to say is that as far as I have been able to see in some of my son's friends it's the schools. I may be wrong, it may be their families too!
    Whatever it is, there are too many expecting a free ride!
    I asked a few people I know personally what they would do IF they suddenly LOST their benefits from social security...
    I was told in no uncertain terms, that they would TAKE whatever they needed and more! That means, they would rob, steal, even kill, whatever means they choose, to get what they FEEL they DESERVE! That was enlightening! I know who to avoid or at least keep the crosshairs on!
    It's systemic today. The IDEA that they are all owed a living and so much more, is beyond me. It's not unlike talking to a drug addict. They have "needs" and they will get that "FIX", one way or another!
    I no longer am the least bit concerned about the MZB's or any other zombies...they walk among us now, at this very moment!
    (Tantamount to blood sucking ticks, leeches, fleas, vampires, or flesh eating bacteria...for that matter!)
    It is sad.
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  2. VHestin

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    Well if mom loses her social security disability, we'd be in trouble. We do have lots of stuff we could sell/pawn to make up the difference, and I think we're good on food, but the luxuries like power/internet/phone would have to go bye bye. Lived without power before, and it's not exactly hard, just different. I would take what I needed too, but in terms of foraging/hunting for food(learning alot about wild edibles). And bartering with neighbors. At least got good neighbors, they flat out told me once that if they saw me dressing a deer (on my own property) that I wasn't supposed to have hunted, they could care less. Ain't their business and they think starving is bad.
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    America is quite creative; check the statistics at the patent office.

    America is simply supporting too many parasites at the top and the bottom of the food chain. "Welfare" offers programs (child care, head start etc etc) that working Americans can not afford. The rich have too many loop holes in the tax codes and we have none.
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  4. beast

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    sounds like rome, just before she collapsed
    something like 50% of the population on govt bread
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  5. Alpha Dog

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    I agree Dagonfly America has lost nothing she is stll the same wonder she has always been and the best damn place in the world to be born and live. The problem is this new generation who want everything handed to them and don't have the heart to fight and work for it. I guess in some way our generation are to blame for it, because we tried to give our children what we didn't have. So they grew up not seeing what dad was going through working a double crawling around under a mountain digging coal, working working in the factories and mills, working the farms. They don't know what it's like to do without, I am lucky my daughter works her but off just to get by but she trie's. This generation has never had to work and make due with what they have or to go to bed still a little hungry. I was out a few weeks ago and herd a 14 or 15 year old boy wanting a $90.00 video game and his dad told him next payday he will work extra hours and try to get it. I thought at this boy's age I was working 40hrs a week going to school, feeding hog's, chickens, cattle and barn detail. You know I looked at this guy and could tell he worked in the coal mines from the permenit black eye liner and the coal stained hands. This boy just stomped off like he was intitled to it and his dad was a monster for not gettin it. Then I thought back to when I was a boy I didn't have alot but I had what dad could give. I remember seeing dad walk down this dirt road to meet his buddy they took turns driving to the mines and then sneaking up when I herd him come home around 3am. Just to have time with dad and he would sneak me coffee and a pinch of tobacco I was around 9 or 10 I guess now aday they would call it child abuse for him giving me tobacco. Anyway that was mine and dad's time because the way he worked. I wouldn't have traded one hour that my dad could spend with me for any game or any other thing. Where I come from that's what make the man you work for your family and what you have you paid for. This new generation blames every thing for the problems they face when the truth is they are the problem. There's nothing wrong with America other than the lack of productive citizen's she has to support. Plus I would like to say the boy I was talking about above If I had been his dad and he disrespected me like that well lets just say a mining belt when used properly is a very affective tool for correcting the wrongful ways of the youth.
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  6. VHestin

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    I think one of the problems causing lack of productive citizens is stupid laws interferring with parenting. Politicians make laws that basically let kids do whatever they want, without discipline, and then everyone gets shocked when they grow up to be at best lazy and shiftless, at worse, hardened (violent) criminals. Reinforces my determination to be childless. Not only would my mother and I have to triple our income to reach the poverty level(it used to be double, but we're ambitious!), but I wouldn't hesitate to let my kid know who's boss and probably get arrested for child abuse and possibly have my kid taken away. And I'd probably homeschool them and teach them such awful things like the Constitution and their rights.
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    When I was growing up I would love to see a social worker show up and tell my dad that he couldn't disipline us. I would have still got it infront of the worker dad would have went to jail over night the worker would have got their feelings hurt. Then when dad got out I would have got it again because it would have happen if I hadn't broke the rule's.
  8. VHestin

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    Well I don't like to admit it, but to understate it, I was full of it growing up, and no parental discipline really fazed me. I straightened out eventually though. I do think the benefits of a rural environment for alot of my youth helped, because the chores I was assigned, if I didn't do them, they didn't get done and the consequences would be evident.
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