America is totally discredited.

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    America Totally Discredited -- Paul Craig Roberts -

    America Totally Discredited — Paul Craig Roberts
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    America Totally Discredited

    Paul Craig Roberts

    A foolish President Obama and moronic Secretary of State Kerry have handed the United States government its worst diplomatic defeat in history and destroyed the credibility of the Office of the President, the Department of State, and the entire executive branch. All are exposed as a collection of third-rate liars.

    Intoxicated with hubris from past successful lies and deceptions used to destroy Iraq and Libya, Obama thought the US “superpower,” the “exceptional” and “indispensable” country, could pull it off again, this time in Syria.

    But the rest of the world has learned to avoid Washington’s rush to war when there is no evidence. A foolish Obama was pushed far out on the limb by an incompetent and untrustworthy National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, and the pack of neoconservatives that support her, and the British Parliament cut the limb off.

    What kind of fool would put himself in that vulnerable position?

    Now Obama stands alone, isolated, trying to back away from his threat to attack without authorization from anyone–not from the UN, not from NATO, not from Congress who he ignored–a sovereign country. Under the Nuremberg Standard military aggression is a war crime. Washington has until now got away with its war crimes by cloaking them in UN or NATO approval. Despite these “approvals,” they remain war crimes.

    But his National Security Advisor and the neocon warmongers are telling him that he must prove that he is a Real Man who can stand alone and commit war crimes all by himself without orchestrated cover from the UN or NATO or a cowardly US Congress. It is up to Obama, they insist, to establish for all time that the President of the United States is above all law. He, and he alone is the “decider,” the Caesar, who determines what is permissible. The Caesar of the “sole superpower” must now assert his authority over all law or Washington’s hegemony over the world is lost.

    As I noted in an earlier column today, if Obama goes it alone, he will be harassed for the rest of his life as a war criminal who dares not leave the US. Indeed, a looming economic collapse could so alter the power and attitude of the United States that Obama could find himself brought to justice for his war crimes.

    Regardless, the United States government has lost its credibility throughout the world and will never regain it, unless the Bush and Obama regimes are arrested and put on trial for their war crimes.

    Obama’s destruction of US credibility goes far beyond diplomacy. It is likely that this autumn or winter, and almost certainly in 2014, the US will face severe economic crisis.

    The long-term abuse of the US dollar’s reserve currency role by the Federal Reserve and US Treasury, the never-ending issuance of new debt and printing of dollars to finance it, the focus of US economic policy on bailing out the “banks too big to fail” regardless of the adverse impact on domestic and world economies and holders of US Treasury debt, the awaiting political crisis of the unresolved deficit and debt ceiling limit that will greet Congress’ return to Washington in September, collapsing job opportunities and a sinking economy all together present the government in Washington with a crisis that is too large for the available intelligence, knowledge, and courage to master.

    When the proverbial hits the fan, the incompetent and corrupt Federal Reserve and the incompetent and corrupt US Treasury will have no more credibility than Obama and John Kerry.

    The rest of the world–especially Washington’s bullied NATO puppet states–will take great delight in the discomfort of “the world’s sole superpower” that has been running on hubris ever since the Soviet collapse.

    The world is not going to bail out Washington, now universally hated, with currency swaps, more loans, and foreign aid. Americans are going to pay heavily for their negligence, their inattention, their unconcern, and their ignorant belief that nothing can go wrong for them and that anything that does is temporary.

    Two decades of jobs offshoring has left the US with a third world labor force employed in lowly paid domestic nontradable services, a workforce comparable to India’s of 40 years ago. Already the “world’s sole superpower” is afflicted with a large percentage of its population dependent on government welfare for survival. As the economy closes down, the government’s ability to meet the rising demands of survival diminishes. The rich will demand that the poor be sacrificed in the interest of the rich. And the political parties will comply.

    Is this the reason that Homeland Security, a Nazi Gestapo institution, now has a large and growing para-military force equipped with tanks, drones, and billions of rounds of ammunition?

    How long will it be before American citizens are shot down in their streets by “their” government as occurs frequently in Washington’s close allies in Egypt, Turkey, Bahrain?

    Americans have neglected the requirements of liberty. Americans are so patriotic and so gullible that all the government has to do is to wrap itself in the flag, and the people, or too many of them, believe whatever lie the government tells. And the gullible people will defend the government’s lie to their death, indeed, to the death of the entire world.

    If Americans keep believing the government’s lies, they have no future. If truth be known, Americans have already lost a livable future. The neocons’ “American Century” is over before it begun.

    Update: I have heard from educated and aware friends that the presstitute media on the evening news are beating the drums for war. This shows what paid whores the US media is and their total disconnect from reality. Anyone who wastes their time on the US media is a brainwashed idiot, a danger to humanity.

    Update 8:52 PM August 30: Is the White House idiot going to be a victim of his own careless presidential appointments?
    Does he have no one to tell him how to escape the dilemma his moronic Secretary of State and National Security Advisor have put him in? Someone needs to tell the WH Fool that he must say that he accepts the conclusion of the world
    community that there is not sufficient evidence for launching a military attack on Syria and killing even more people
    than were killed in the alleged, but unproven, chemical attack, and that he awaits further and better evidence.
    God help the moron and the unfortunate country that the fool represents.
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    Good post
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    Great article.

    I would like to point out the importance of recognizing WHAT IS on the greater scheme of things, too. As the war engine for the global apparatus, the United States is not quite ready to be benched with so much of the Middle East yet in turmoil. Even so, with the economy taking a steady downward slope, it is only a matter of time until the machine kicks off. If we see a sudden collapse, you can be certain it will prime the stage for another empire to be born in the wake. However, we must pay very close attention to the Kansas City shuffle going on in the meantime. There is only one other nation that can take the place of the U.S. in such a role, and that is Russia. Some would argue and claim it to be China, and that is certainly debatable, but China is set for a collision course as well, being so dependent upon the U.S. economy. We can quickly summarize by claiming that China and the U.S. are intertwined and share similar fates, even though there is much more to the story than this. With China and the U.S. out of the picture economically, who would take center stage in the global arena?

    I would look toward the pieces of the Grand Chessboard falling in place, in particular with Iran. Whatever happens between Russia and Iran will be the final sign of what is to come. As we continue to watch Middle Eastern nations burn and undergo changes, do not lose sight of the big picture.
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    I would not discount the masses that encompass those that view the government out of control, and will stand against that threat or any other that chooses to fight against, the many blades of grass... We will not roll over for our own government desires to supreme over us... those others that desire the same will pay a heavy price once they set foot on this soil.. if ever.
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    So Bill Clinton gets a pass for bombing Khartoum, Sudan? Too long ago for Paul Craig Roberts to remember, I suppose. (perhaps Alzheimers setting in?) Coming from someone attached to the Iran-Contra administration (indeed a cofounder of "Reaganomics"), I have to take much of his rhetoric with a grain of salt.
    Some good points, but the author is too fixated on clever uses of derogatory adjectives to see that this administration, while grossly incompetent, is following a trend set many decades ago, long before Obongo was a gleam in his daddy's eye.
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    Am thinking nobammy will strike them anyway--just to show that he is "da man". Do not think his ego will accept a no. And just who rated him at a "third rate liar"---who gave him a promotion-----him and the rest of his chicago crime cronies.
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    I think the last 4 presidents should all be put on trial for treason against the sovereign United States of America. Both Bush, Clinton and this retard we have in office now. THANK GOD HE DID NOT STRIKE. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN TWO DECADES THE PEOPLE SPOKE!!!!!!! NO!!! MORE!!!! WAR!!!!

    I pray that this maggot brings about the end of our war machine for the Global Elite. As much as I hate Obama I am applauding. Good riddence, the Democrats will not get another president into this office and hopefully neither will the Republican war hawks. It is time for a real president to pull this country back from this Globalist swill and re assert our sovereignty. NOW!!!!
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    Technically, if we are discussing guilt, every single individual employed by the Executive Branch, every one of the robed Judicial, and nearly all of the Legislature are guilty of treason at best, many complicit in the undermining of the republic. I wouldn't even shrug at that statement. Just remember, no matter how badly we would like to point fingers, the people themselves are also to blame for not holding their public servants accountable...even if they are such only in name these days.

    I believe this all moved forward so quickly during the Great Depression, with most Americans too troubled with feeding and clothing their families to concern themselves with the details of Socialism within the ranks, nor wealthy European bankers taking root and strong-arming the assemblies of the House and Senate. Ths has been a long and bloody battle, we did not arrive here over night, and we have long run out of excuses to credit our indifference.

    There is no remedy for tyranny except rebellion at every level. One cannot claim the moral ground in words when nothing is done to accommodate. Only deeds can bear fruit to a problem such as ours. At every instance, the people are applauding their own slavery, and it is the three percent crowd holding the lions in their cages.
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    You almost sound like you have enough farmers to feed the nation when your dollar implodes...
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    We do have enough farmers. Unfortunately, most of them plant GMO's and as a food product, well, not good. But it will feed the masses. Also, we won't be sending food aid to the idiots that live where the food isn't so ..

    when our dollar implodes, we are gonna take every other nation with us.

    Gotta love globalization, one cog out of place and the whole thing goes to hell in a handbasket.

    Gotta your guerrilla garden going on?
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    ditto .... the US will be attacking .... just a matter of time .... wouldn't count on that 9/9 congressional vote being the earliest date .... don't need to tell you how tricky Obammy can be .... don't count out another gas attack or even an attack on the US naval force .... at the very least he'll have the DemoCraps voting with him and giving an "American's" approval ....

    when the entire Middle East erupts and leads to WW3 .... I know I'll be blaming Obammy and every single stupid SOB that voted for the idiot .....
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    Yep, I will be doing that as well.... Scary stuff....
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    Hey, give the guy a break! It is really distracting to be interrupted with geo-politics, war, and diplomacy between golf games!!

    The thing is, the central banks may think it is time for the US to be weakened and replace the dollar with a global currency. That is why they put Numbnuts in office.
  14. C.T.Horner

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    “There is only one other nation that can take the place of the U.S. in such a role, and that is Russia”

    Simply not true, but you are close, real close.

    US GDP 15,680,000
    Russia GDP 2,053,000 (priced in US dollars)
    US dollars in circulation 1.2 trillion.
    Russian rubles in circulation priced in US dollars. 153.8 billion.

    So one can see Russia cannot do it alone, however there is a short list of countries that can do it together. Funny they all joined together for mutual support. AND THE US WAS NOT INVITED TO ATTEND!
    GDP Priced in US Dollars
    Brazil 2,396,000
    Russia 2,053,000
    India 1,825,000
    China 8,227,000
    South Africa 384,300

    Put them all together and what do they spell?

  15. VisuTrac

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    There is one country (but not a country) that can be the worlds police force. Let the United Nations handle it.

    But the US can bow out. We've got enough fights going on at this time.

    As for the BRICS, fine, let them attempt come up with the world's base currency. I'm sure none of them will attempt to cheat.
  16. mysterymet

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    Yeah but the BRICS are having a bit of trouble lately. India and Brazil are currently in economic crap storms of their own and China's economy is cooling off. (although you can't count them out since they are in it for the long haul) Russia is one to watch right now. They have a nice nationalistic resurgence going on but still are attractive to foreign investment because of their abundant natural resources.
  17. Brokor

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    You would like the .pdf I attached. It was provided on the forum a while back and covers BRICS in great detail. As for the GDP analysis, I do not generalize in such a way since all monetary systems are inherently controlled by the same group of investors and strong-armed by the collaboration of the global banking cartel. Check out how many billionaires Russia has. The wealth of their nation has been seriously consolidated. In terms of the mechanics of war, their people wouldn't be effected as strongly as those in America. But, my original quote in which you commented on is speculative.

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  18. C.T.Horner

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    I blushed over the real problem facing a replacement for the dollar because it would take a lot of work to back up my assertions. However the real problem isn’t GDP or actual wealth.

    If you will concede credit is fungible with actual cash we can discuss this further. But if you can’t see that on your own, I feel it will take too much to explain it in one post.

    To get you started, if you pay for a widget with cash you can take it home and it is yours. If you use a credit card you can take it home and it is yours as well. There is NO difference between cash and credit! If you can accept this you will see how bad the situation really is.

    Rough estimates are the US has 60 trillion is outstanding debt floating around, and it churns out trillions in debt monthly in the form of derivatives.

    The numbers are staggering, and difficult to understand. In a nut shell the real problem with replacing the dollar is there isn’t enough of anything to do it. That is why the BRICKS will fail. But you have to respect their effort.

  19. Kingfish

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    You will figure it out when you realize nothing failed at all but was designed to do exactly what it is doing. Global consolidation can not happen without first breaking the United States and any other country who thinks it can stand independent. Broker said it ( all monetary systems are inherently controlled by the same group of investors and strong-armed by the collaboration of the global banking cartel). They control when it works and when it fails. This is how the rich get richer. They sell you house for 80 grand then crash the market,bankrupt you and foreclose. Then they sell it again for 100 grand to the next fool who buys into the scam. Now use that model on entire countries and you see how it works. This is why it was so damned important to not give our currency over to a central bank. Now we pay interest on our own debt to ourselves which will eventually implode. But hey thats the plan. Next they will foreclose and sell it to the next fool. The best course is to destroy the global banking cartels and go back to sovereign currency. The congress should be coining our money , not borrowing it . Bills are to be paid from the treasury not some reserve bank controlled by foreign interests. It really is pretty simple to fix. Ron Paul preached it for two decades. Sound money.
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  20. Brokor

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    I couldn't have said it any better myself. :)

    Just as the banking interests have funded every war since the French Revolution as far as I know, and often on both sides of the fence, the purpose was always to create debt --from this, their power emanates. Rebuke them and return to independent currency. Starve them of their power. The United States has ALWAYS been in debt to private banking with exception only to the Greenback. Previous to this, Andrew Jackson managed to nearly eliminate the private banking influence, but we soon settled back into old ways. Under Colonial times, they used Colonial Scrip, which was also a FIAT currency. However, England soon made it impossible for the colonies to trade in Scrip, forcing their hand to use silver. Most will assert that only the gold standard will work, but this is the door in which the private interests enter, and it is easily controlled by their methods (panic, hoarding, scarcity, edict). Private banking is based on usury, it should be avoided at all costs. The Greenback was a FIAT currency, but it was the only currency authorized by Congress. It was susceptible to counterfeiting and later inflation from not only the war, but by the money masters who play a very dangerous game, indeed. Fractional reserve banking isn't legitimate, it is a scam which benefits the banks only. Our debt comes from the currency being lent at interest plus face value and compound interest for collateral, period. If it is our own, it would be debt-free and with a government kept within the confines of our Constitution, would remain so.

    As for credit, this is a method to increase wealth into the hands of the upper class while assisting the transformation of consolidating the lower and middle classes, with the aide of taxation in all of its forms. From cigarettes to gasoline, income tax to social security --it's all a scam. There isn't one single facet to this program that is liberty oriented. It's all about empowering the private elite and their corporations. They run up debt, bail themselves out, wage war and profit from every side while the people become poorer and poorer. The laws being made only effect the slaves, they do not apply to the elite, and matter not one bit.
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