America no longer looks like a world leader

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Legion489, Jul 26, 2016.

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    America no longer looks like a world leader

    The United States is supposed to be the leader of the free world. That’s what nearly everyone has thought since shortly after the end of World War I and that’s what many people still want to believe, even if they are not vocal in their support of America.

    The leaders of Arab nations, for example, would never praise the U.S. publicly because they have an image to uphold with their people. But if any of their neighbors starts to develop a nuclear weapon (i.e. Iran), they come running to the U.S. with no hesitation whatsoever to ask for protection.

    America used to be a strong leader, but President Obama has done everything possible to shrink the influence of the U.S. around the world and to damage our reputation. His actions have cost us plenty both at home and abroad. In a recent poll, a majority of U.S. voters said they believe we are still in a recession, that terrorists are living in their hometown and that the Obama Administration’s handling of the government is incompetent.

    Doesn’t exactly sound like a ringing endorsement for a country that’s supposed to be the world leader, does it? But that’s what we’ve sunk to. Until we get a leader in the White House who has a sense of history and who understands the direction we should be taking as a nation, it’s just going to keep getting worse.

    Here are some specifics from the recent Fox News poll:

    • 60 percent believe it is likely that terrorists are living in their hometown.
    • 60 percent believe the U.S. is still in the recession that began in 2008.
    • 53 percent believe the Obama Administration has not been “competent and effective” in managing the federal government.
    • 55 percent disapprove of Obama’s handling of ISIS.
    What are your opinions on those four subjects? I’d love to hear from you about this.

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    Sounds like they polled only Fox viewers. This country is about split with progressives and conservatives. Every liberal I have spoken to thinks Obama fixed the recession and the economy is doing great. I think they talked about that last night at the DNC.

    60 percent believe it is likely that terrorists are living in their hometown.

    Define terrorists. Some think that a second amendment supporter is a terrorist.
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  3. Gray Wolf

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    The split is because half of the country is on the government teat. Guess which half!
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  4. ghrit

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    Who anointed the US as a world leader? You wanna be like me, do as I do, not as I tell you. You want to spend money? OK, show me you will pay it back, and I'll lend you some, maybe. You want a military? You send your men here, and we'll make fighters of them, then send them home. You pay for housing, food, and pay for the instructors time (and ammunition if they get that far into training.) And so forth.

    The Marshall Plan made sense at the time. Continuing it ad infinitum is an error.
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    Actually @ghrit you are not to far off in our history that is what we were doing setting an example and others did follow England, France and Italy to name a few saw our capitalism and democracy working and filed suit.
    Problem is people found out in WW1 there is big big money in WAR, war allows you to assimilate what you want or the so called spoils of wars made billions. So to continue this practice at times we try and dictate how things go world wide.
    Are we the most powerful nation in the world yes and by a long shot are we the most influential we are losing that ground fast.
    Are we an economic powerhouse, we can not even get contract to manufacture in our own country because of greed.
    YES, greed is good, greed helps our nation grow, but that greed needs to stay planted on American soil and its not.
    Ergo we go about the world bullying where we can for economic not civil gain.
    There are millions who suffer and die each year because of world TYRANNY and we do squat to stop it.
    But if you sell oil, or commodities we are there in a hot minute.
    America being a world wide stable force is great but that should be done without lives lost when at all possible.
    We loose to many men and women in our military, and find out to late it was really more financial then humanitarian.

    My Take !
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  6. Oltymer

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    Need to clean it up at home and forget the empire building.
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  7. Altoidfishfins

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    Need to tell the UN to pound sand. Locate it in some other country and stop bankrolling it when they continually work against our interests.
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  8. ghrit

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    Hate to do it, but I disagree. I want them where we can see what they are doing. Let them stay and pay rent. Funding is a different story; someone needs to redefine our dues to that operation regarding how and where OUR money is spent. No diplomatic immunity should attach to any representatives to the UN.
  9. Yard Dart

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  10. ghrit

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    It takes a village of politicians to try to shape our kids. Seems likely that will be apt to get their appearance altered should they try.
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