America Receiving Foreign Aid from the United Arab Emirates

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    UAE Steps Up Foreign Aid —to US

    Ireland does, too


    (Newser) – When tornado-ravaged Joplin, Missouri, needed laptops for its 2,200 high school students and a rebuilt neonatal ICU, in stepped ... the United Arab Emirates? Yep. In a strange turn of events, the UAE has been stepping up foreign aid to the US. The campaign, which gave millions to Joplin, has also built soccer fields in low-income neighborhoods in cities like Chicago and LA; helped other hospitals as well as food banks and other nonprofits; and will give $5 million each to New York and New Jersey to help with Sandy relief. It's all part of an attempt by the UAE, a key American ally, to sway public opinion in the US, the Washington Post reports.
    It came about after the embassy found that while 30% of Americans had a negative view of the country in 2006, 70% had no opinion. Yousef al Otaiba, UAE ambassador to the US, made it his mission to bring that 70% over to his side—and perhaps sway some of the 30%, too. "We had a responsibility to educate Americans about who we are," Otaiba explains. "We have been in Afghanistan with you. We went into Libya." And the UAE isn't alone: A Queens community devastated by Sandy is getting help from Ireland. Breezy Point has a proud Irish heritage, so Ireland took up the cause, the New York Times reports. Irish celebrities including the Irish Tenors have hosted fundraisers, and corporate donations, consular volunteers, and government aid have poured in. “It’s another county of Ireland," says an Irish radio producer.
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    OMG, oh how far the mighty have fallen.
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    This is not a coincidental turn of events. Our government has been subverted and designed specifically to fall in this way. This is all part of the plan. A lot of money is made from causing countries to fall especially by the banks. If you look back through out time you will see that the money changers have been doing this exact thing to countries throughout history, even before the bible.

    We have everything we need to come out of this freefall but we are not going to get it from any government institution. They are playing for the other team.
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