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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Suerto, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Wow, I could be wrong here but wouldn't those in the smuggling business want to stay clear of tourists about as much as the tourists want to stay clear of smugglers??
    For example it's pretty commonly acknowledged in my hood that dead white folks are bad for bidness.
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    damn that sounds like a sweet job, build a OP, make sure the caravan of tourists makes it through your AO. Shoot desparadoes if'n you get the chance.

    Where do i sign up.?

    On second thought, there was that fast and furious thing. Do they got 50's?

    My only other question is were the smugglers going south with pale complected individuals or north with tanned?
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    I dunno it being bad for business, when you see that the US is just posting signs to tell whiteys not to go on their own land.. As opposed to defend it.

    Phoenix is or was or is close to being the kidnap capital OF THE WORLD, so I would surmise from that stat, that, it would be a pretty good business in that area as well, being as how its in arizona..

    I know that in Belize, when the global economy took a downturn, and tourism (which was the biggest money maker for the government) fell off, the government quit protecting tourists so fervently and kidnapping or robbing of tourists skyrocketed..

    More so my dismay and shock was from the park ranger's and tourists quotes..
    The acceptance of the necessity for the action, on U.S. soil..
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    Welcome to Beirut - 1983. My little Navy ship had the last bus tours through war-torn Beirut, Lebanon, just before the war escalated - we had armed guards on the buses.

    Never thought I'd see the same things here in the USA...... :rolleyes:
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    Ha ha! That just brought back one of my funniest memories from Beirut. We were behind sandbagged positions at the Airport in '83, at MAU headquarters, and along comes a tour group from the USS Puget Sound (I'm sure you know what it was actually called by the rank and file). There were female sailors in the group, wearing skirts and pumps, clicking along the road. Me and the other Marines were looking at each other thinking, "You have got to be kidding me."

    Thanks for your post. You put a smile on my face and revived an old memory.
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    Organ pipe is a danger zone. Park police have been swapping looks with drug'tangos and even ducking rounds there for some time.
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    Be a good place for a comprehensive 'training mission' for Spec Ops with live ammo and 'weapons free' status......
    A few sweeps through to 'clear the rubbish' and make it safe for our citizens again.
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