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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yard Dart, Jul 16, 2012.

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    I was doing a lot of research tonight looking for new information to discuss here on our Monkeyland.
    The thing I found to dismay me, was the futile B.S. articles about stuff nobody really cares about, in regards to us that are paying attention to the world. It was funny to me how I reviewed the links to various movies, various articles and political discussions of the present. All that I could think of is, you folks really don't see the bigger picture, do you?

    I love baseball, but I really don't give a damn about the players to the degree that they get reported. I am interested in the upcoming movies, for the families viewing of new stuff, but I really don't care about an actors point of view now that he is mainstream in the public eye. I am deeply interested in the views of our politicians views and decision's, but don't care a hoot about their wives shopping habits!!

    I think so much of our daily news via TV or publication is hogwash to placate the masses into a sense of contentment regardless of the circumstances at hand that may effect their families in the near term.

    Though a few here feel that there is a bit of over the top concerns about the current and potential future outcomes that could lead us down several trails, some here we hope don't.
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    I've just about stopped reading the news. If I never see another headline about one of the Kardashian skanks or Justin "Have My Gonads Dropped Yet" Beiber, I'll die a happy woman. I don't care who is dating whom or who is breaking up, don't want to read 50 Ways To Lose 50 Pounds in 50 Days or what I'm supposed to expect my husband to do in order to know he really loves me (he puts up with my s$*#, that's all I need to know!). I don't care which star wore their leather pants the best, although I must admit the one about Clinton getting pelted with tomatoes in Egypt was rather amusing. Apparently our relations are better. They didn't pelt her with RPGs.

    Yep, it's Soma for the masses.
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