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    My name is Mark Tipton and I am an American expatriate living in the Philippines. I went Galt in 2004 but now feel compelled to return to the US. This is a rather verbose introduction but I hope you will read through it as it will let you know something about me and my experience … and more importantly, why I am registering here now.

    Until 2005 my dad and I owned roughly 170 acres of high desert in Northern Nevada … north of Reno. The property was fully off the grid and set up to use local water sources, wind and solar power. There was no outside utility coming in with the exception of cell phone signals. I worked full time and my dad was on retirement … something which will not likely be around for many of us here today I imagine. We invested heavily in precious metals. Primarily we bought and traded steel (barrels) (shotting) iron(s) lead (bullets) and copper (jackets). We bought numerous 98 Mausers from the local Big 5 and rebuilt them changing the caliber and the actions. In 2005 my Dad had a heart attack while I was out of town for work. I promptly quit my job and went home to help … as my boss said I would not be able to leave, and it was my dad, I parked the company vehicle at the bus station and went home.

    I went to get him in the hospital and we were told he would need long term care. I took all the classes, all the courses, learned how to do things that nobody other than a mother should ever have to deal with and was within a few weeks of taking him home. Part of the process involved completely renovating his home to accommodate his disabilities. Upon completion, the home had to be inspected … and that was when they found out we lived off the grid. The entire legal situation quickly changed from me being such a “good man” for taking care of my dad to the point where I was facing federal charges. Taking him home would have constituted an act of “elder abuse” and not taking him home would have been “elder abandonment” both of which carry federal penalties. My only legal option was not to be the nearest living next of kin and the last time I was on my property, there were about fifty cops there sorting through my stuff as they took literally everything we owned.

    As you can imagine, this was a bit unsettling and is ultimately how I ended up back in the Philippines where I had been doing volunteer work since 1998. I had very little to start with here and lost all that to two of the three worst storms in local history and now my wife has finally consented to moving back to the US and I feel compelled to return given the state of the nation … but I need to rebuild when I do. Don't worry, I am not asking anyone for money but I am looking for people who are interested in surviving and potentially surviving very well in a fully self-sustaining and potentially profitable environment. I will need partners and/or investors to make this happen but it is actually something that I have set up for others before.

    Here I make my living primarily as a writer and web designer though I also do a lot of work as a business consultant. This is work that I have done on a number of different levels on and off since the early nineties when my dad and I began building our own home … it allowed me the freedom I needed to work on my own property and while it was good money, it was not consistent, thus, the reason I worked other jobs as well. As most people here likely know, escaping from the rat race can be done inexpensively but it is better to do it well … and two jobs is sometimes necessary.

    In 1996 I developed business plans and business and marketing strategies for a guest ranch in the western United States. The actual business was a Guest Ranch providing country living for high end tourists. We also provided hunting and fishing tours as well as other offerings for the middle class and the rich. On the outside, this was all that the business appeared to be. On the inside, the setup was ideal for people who are concerned about current affairs and the goings-on in the world today. The entire plot was fully defensible and moreover, the setup was nearly fully self-sustainable. Obviously there is some need for a limited amount of outside influence though in that particular instance, the setup was sufficient to keep the property, at full capacity, fully isolated, defensible and alive for at least a three year period. At present there are two similar properties that I know about and I am hoping to do some networking and find some like-minded people who would be interested in setting up a similar venture. The business venture end could be set up for middle class or upper class visitors depending on the level of commitment involved. In return, I would retain management rights and a percentage of the ownership.

    Personally, I am quite skilled at setting up minimalistic facilities as well. My dad and I built an entire project on a very limited budget. From acquiring land to setting up solar and wind to home made windmills for generating power and pumping water, I have personal experience and a strong desire to meet like minded individuals. I am more than happy to freely share my knowledge regarding smaller settings and hope to meet others who can give me new ideas and information in return. I am happy to be here and hope that we can meet some day … under the best of circumstances.

    Mark Tipton
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    Welcome to the Monkey. Might be some things here that will help out with setting up (again) and surely some of your experience will be useful to others.
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    MentalWarden American Expatriate

    Thanks, I certainly hope so!
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    Welcome to the Monkey Tree.... When you star look'en at Comms, given me a shout....
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  5. MentalWarden

    MentalWarden American Expatriate

    What kind of communications are we talking about? I always wanted to get into HAM and definitely going to need that. Shortwave of any kind is good but yeah, if this happens there will be plenty of room for an antennae array. We are also going to need Citizens Band or something similar for work around the property as well. How about communications repairs? Tech work?
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    Read my Bio on my Profile Page. I am a semi-reTired Comm Guru, and exFCC Resident Field Agent, with extensive experience in Rf Comms from Low Frequency, all the way up thru SAT based SHF microwave Comms. A Ham for 40+ years, and the last of the Alaska Cannery Radiomen. There are some Comm setups in the Comms Forum that just might fill the needs you will have for local AoO (Area of Operations) Comms. I can point you to getting you on the road to a Ham License, when you are ready to go there. Most of what I do is find Good Solid Gear, that works, for the least Expense. I don't sell ANYTHING, and ask No Remuneration for dispensing from my Knowledge Base, to Monkeys. Comms is my thing, and this is how I choose to give back, for what I have been given. ..... YMMV.... You decide what you choose to take, and use, and feel free to decide for yourself, if what I have has value to you.... That is the offer....
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    MW, there are other hams on the monkey, and a couple others getting that way. Not difficult to get a ticket, and considerable tinkering later. There is no one solution to comms, "it depends" and more than one is better. CB these days may not be a best choice, even for on property.
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    MentalWarden American Expatriate

    Unfortunately, I am going to need investors to do anything, but if nothing happens, it is a viable and profitable business model. If and when anything did happen, it would be a viable location to hole up and survive. I have never actually been to Alaska but I have fallen in love with what I know about it ... and am looking at suitable properties as they become available there as well. (They are few and far between anyway but moreso in some locations than others) On the off chance anything does happen, HAM is needed for long term, CB would be necessary for Recon and locating others and since most of the people use little more, would be necessary. Secured bands would be preferred for local work ... on property or off as much of the work including hunting and fishing excursions would be off property. (Great money in hosting out of state hunters though) Alaska also has the best fishing but the property I am looking at back east is suitable enough to satisfy most tourists and should provide a sufficient amount for long term storage of some as well.

    If I find a group of investors or a solid group that is looking to get out of or diversify away from the dollar before the economy collapses it would be ideal. Depending on the ultimate size of the organization, we may need department heads but that is seriously dreaming. If it happens at all, I see it happening with a minimal staff while we establish ourselves, growing only as the actual business end of the enterprise requires. That being said, with the right investors, we could also sell "seats" just in case. Both properties have their own airstrips and depending on the renovations and how nice we make it and how good the food is, it can easily be set up to host the "prim and proper" for a price. Lots of potential but ... at this point in time it remains a dream for me. I do have some viable offshore investments that would be beneficial for a simple financial diversification but again, my goal here is as much selfish as it is a desire to help others. I need to rebuild and I cannot do it on my own. I have the people in place to make it happen if it gets big but just getting there and being able to get it started would make me the happiest man alive. I always hope for the best but the current picture and four hundred plus years of history say this is going to be a bumpy ride soon.

    If you do not mind, I will definitely keep you on my list as I may have other people who require your services as well. Most of the work I did in the past was well off the grid so good communications can quite literally be the difference between life and death ... but in Alaska, though you may be on the shore, you very likely already know this.

    Would be interested on any ideas you may have regarding affordable, unimproved properties up there as well.
  9. MentalWarden

    MentalWarden American Expatriate

    You are definitely correct on a couple of levels. Again, one of the reasons I am in the middle of signing up here and on numerous other similar sites, is to open up more options. We always have to look at all of our options and again, working completely off the grid, comms are important so having more than one source is always a good idea ... but that is true no matter what service or commodity is in question I suppose.

    Thanks again!
  10. MentalWarden

    MentalWarden American Expatriate

    Nice bird! I always wanted an old Ag Farmer myself. I used to have a rotary wing gyrocopter but I doubt it would fare very well up there.
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    If you have the land for hunting and fishing, you may also have Ginseng or could grow it. It takes 7 years for the first crop, but it's good money, Biggest problem is theft, but if you are onsite or local that should not be a problem. There are other natural crops with a money or trade value, also some have medical value. (make sure to follow local laws, of course)
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    So, you left for the Philippines, what happened to Dad ?

    And why were 50 cops "going thru all you had" if you simply lived off grid ?
    That a crime in Nevada ?

    And what are you seeking signing up on a bunch of boards ? Just curious.....
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    Thanks for saying what I was thinking. Wy spend so much time to be worried about Dad to the point that the Feds want to arrest you for trying to dump Dad in them. Something sounds fishey in Denmark
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