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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Witch Doctor 01, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Witch Doctor 01

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    anyone have or have any info on then American tactical fx45? I've got a offer to get one for around $450.00.... any thoughts?
  2. VisuTrac

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    Not got one nor shot one but ..

    First of i'd say 'Choot It, Choot It!'

    2nd, there are two camps, those that love the 1911 and those that don't. Not much middle ground on this weapon system.

    3rd, 450? Is this NIB Special like the Thunderbolt or the standard GI model.
    the GI model with 4.25" barrel can be had for sub 400..

    Just sayin' you might want to check the model and comparison price.

    Plus, you'll want to 'Choot It!'
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  3. Witch Doctor 01

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    NIB 3" barrel i think it's the titan.. I like the 1911 platform and was thinking a possible ccw weapon...
  4. VisuTrac

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    Yep, sounds about the going price for same model NIB at Buds Guns. Bud's typically has really good pricing.

    so pricing sounds decent for a new gun.

    I'm going to hope some monkey owns one or has owned one and can give it a yeah or neigh on if they'd buy another.
  5. munchie3409

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    All of the 1911's that are made in the Philippines are going to be excellent choices. Good solid pistols that won't require a kidney as a deposit to own one. I personally like the American Classic in hard chrome.
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  6. qasimo

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    anytime anyone can get a 1911 .45Auto for $450, they have received a good bargain. bud's gunshop or cheaper than dirt usually offer good deals.
  7. Alpha Dog

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    Be very careful I can't remember the name but I will find it out in the morning when I go in to the office. I have the name of 2 1911 and the are stamped made in the USA. About a week ago a friend of mine came in with a 1911 and was having trouble with it discharging while in the cocked and locked. Also could not keep it on paper at 20 to 25 yards. So I took it apart and the 1911 had some what appeared to be worked and fitted parts, the bore was as smooth as the bore of a 12ga. After doing some research found the company operated under 2 different names and had been having alot of trouble with the same problems as my friend. This company had bought thousands of them barrels, slides, internal parts in junk creats from the military who had deemed them unsafe to use in military weapons or for the weapons they were selling out as surplus. All they had to do was produce frames in which they did with a cheap grade of alluminum. Now to look at this 1911 it is a very nice looking firearm. After reading up on them found that the cheap frames was cracking and failling, The weapon was discharging in the cocked and lock several times while holstered, barrels was cracking and busting.( These guns are very dangerous ) I took it to another friend who is a expert on the 1911. He is a rtired Marine, a gun smith and does alot of traing for L.E.O.'s it took me 8 years just to get him to try a Glock. At which time he told me my Glock was a good weapon for young girls and old wemon. Any my friend wanted a 1911 bad and my other friend named off what would need to be replaced and it would cost around $450.00 plus the frame wouldn't last and in his opinion would still be dangerous. The only reason I posted this is I can't remember the name but Im almost positive it is American something and I hadn't heeard of this brand before. Be safe
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