Americans are increasingly dependent on just two crops, and it’s putting us all at risk

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    No soy from my garden corn yes along with peas, beans, spinach, potatoes, beets, radishes,carrots, sunflowers, strawberry, raspberry’s, currents, apples, pears,tomatoes, melons all with no bagged fertilizer only my compost and some relativity organic manure (no antibiotics or BGH).

    Americans are increasingly dependent on just two crops, and it’s putting us all at risk - Quartz

    Corn and soy are in nearly every meal that Americans eat. From high-fructose corn syrup sweetening sodas to soy-based livestock feed transformed into steaks and nuggets, a few major crops dominate the US food chain. Now, new research highlights just how worrisome this trend is for the country’s food security.

    In a study published in August in PLOS One, US researchers have quantified for the first time how much species diversity we are losing, due to our focus on major commodity crops—up to 19% in some areas.
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    Wait until we get to the all vegetable, chemically crafted, food substance sludge. Have you had your sludge today?
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    I thought it was going to be compressed biscuits, like brownies of GMO unnatural goodness.... dern, back to work I suppose....I really hate sludge.
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    I think we're more likely to encounter issues with Soylent Green if we remain on our current trajectory
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    We'll be back after these messages from our sponsor, Dahmer Incorporated producers of the world's finest food source Soylent Green.
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