Americans for Lawful Financial Independence and Information

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    Americans for Lawful Financial Independence and Information

    An alternative to conventional banking for Americans.

    Americans for Lawful Financial Independence and Information (ALFII) contracts with ICIS Money Orders to permit its members to maintain accounts and issue Money Orders for their own needs, such as paying bills, etc., The ability to manage money online, pay bills, print out Money Orders, transfer funds to Debit Cards and even accept Credit Cards is used by many in lieu of a bank checking account, and is available to ALFII Members without SSN!

    ICIS Money Orders employs proprietary methods to enable its users to manage their money via the Internet without maintaining a conventional bank account, and without giving out their Social Security Numbers! This is accomplished through the use of Internet Deliverable Negotiable Instruments known as Digital Money Orders, which can be sent via email and printed for cashing, or for deposit to a conventional bank account. Using this system, ALFII Members can issue these DMOs, which are drawn against funds they place on deposit with ALFII, for payment of bills, or for purchases, or even to themselves when needing cash! Money can be sent to Friends or Family, to College Students... the potential uses are limited only by the Member's Imagination!

    ALFII Members can also receive one or both of's Debit Cards, that can be reloaded from your new Account, or with e-gold, e-bullion, and other currencies!

    ALFII encourages the use of alternative currencies, and is deeply involved in the promotion and furtherance of the Liberty Dollar, a universal Silver-backed currency that holds real value and combats inflation, and its new electronic counterpart, the Liberty Dollar Online! ALFII assists its Members in the conversion of Liberty Dollars, as well as e-Gold, e-Bullion and other Currencies, back to Federal Reserve Notes at low Exchange Rates, so that it can be used almost universally to pay bills, make purchases, etc. And ALFII Members can get Silver Liberty's at discount, straight from ALFII!

    ALFII Membership gives you lots of the Benefits of other organizations that can run as high as $2,000 or more per year... and provides even more services, all while helping you to Lawfully Protect Your Privacy and Freedom in today's high-security society! If you're watching how your rights are getting clobbered in Washington, and are concerned about these issues, then you might well find ALFII to be to your liking!

    ALFII Members seeking to enhance their privacy can take advantage of our Anonymous Remailing Service!

    Your one-time $250.00 Enrollment Fee entitles you to all of this, and so much more that you'll discover once you're a Member! Overall, ALFII provides more Services and Programs designed specifically to protect your Personal and Financial Privacy, and help you to enhance your own Financial Future, than any other organization you might join!

    Interested? Learn More!
    We Invite You To Consider ALFII Membership And Its Benefits!

    Americans for Lawful Financial Independence and Information

    An alternative to conventional banking for Americans.

    Are you looking for ways to protect your Financial Privacy ?

    Would you like to use an alternative to a bank checking account to manage your money securely and safely?

    Would access to debit cards, which you can use almost anywhere worldwide, be of benefit to you and your family?

    Would you be willing to tell others about such services?

    If you answered "yes" to even one of the questions above, then reading on might be the best decision you've ever made!

    Americans for Lawful Financial Independence and Information (ALFII) employs proprietary technology to enable its Members to manage their money via the Internet without maintaining a conventional bank account, and without giving out their Social Security Numbers!

    General Operations: ALFII's Director searches out Services and Programs which maintian ALFII's high standards for Privacy Protection. No Member is asked for an SSN or any other personal identifiers. No credit card or credit check is required, and signups and deposits may be made in other ways.

    Certain laws (notably the Bank Secrecy Act and the USAPATRIOT Act) require ALFII and its Contractors to make reports of Transactions over certain amounts, or other "suspicious transactions" according to certain federal guidelines. However, these guidelines do not affect most Members of ALFII. If a Transaction Report or Suspicious Activity Report must be made, you will be asked by the relevant contractor for other information before you can complete that transaction. See this article for more information on this issue.

    We also provide, through Third Party Contractors, a Star/Pulse Debit Card that requires no SSN , and can be funded from the Member's accompanying MYICIS account. This makes it possible to access your money even when you're away from your computer!

    Members may qualify as deposit agents (Service Centers) for ALFII, earning potentially substantial additional incomes for doing so, and giving ALFII "Service Centers" in many locations Nationwide. Each Service Center would be considered a Money Service Business by the federal government, so the information in the article linked above would be important to study.

    Service Centers would be able to sell ICIS DMO Security Paper, set up accounts, accept deposits and allow withdrawals... almost all the services now offered by banks. They would have access to portions of the DMO accounting system, in order to verify balances before cashing drafts or granting withdrawals (which would mean merely transferring funds from the Customer's DMO Account to their own, then disbursing that amount to the customer). All that is required is Access to the Internet. Paper and other supplies could be ordered for Member Customers and drop shipped, or the Service Center may maintain an inventory for immediate sales.

    About ALFII: ALFII is designed to provide its Members with bank-like services while ensuring their financial privacy. This goal is achieved not only through our Contractors, but also by ensuring that ALFII's Members are kept aware of laws and regulations that may tend to invade or limit their privacy and rights, and fighting to reduce such rules and government intrusions. ALFII Services are limited only by the need to protect its Members from unnecessary government infringement on their rights.

    Some ALFII Services are provided by Third Party Companies that have entered into agreements with ALFII to bring their services to ALFII Members at lower rates than normal. These are the Benefits of Membership

    ALFII Members are not required to provide their Social Security Numbers at any time, but can access many bank-like services. For instance:

    1. Members may issue Digital Money Orders (Sample DMO) drawn against their own MYICIS accounts, for up to the amount of the available funds in their account. This requires the Member to log into their account online and order the DMO, which appears onscreen and can then be printed for use. This system, based on Proprietary Technology, eliminates the need for regular Checking Accounts, and all MYICIS DMOs are Guaranteed (they cannot "bounce", because they cannot be issued for more than the amount of available funds). Members may purchase Check Safety Paper directly from ALFII, which makes DMO's more acceptable to merchants other than banks, but no special printer or ink is needed.
    2. Members can receive, through our Contractors, a MasterCard or Debit Card which is acceptable almost anywhere, and can be reloaded from their accounts, either at ATM machines or at point-of-sale locations like checkout counters.
    3. Members may elect to have their regular calendar bills paid directly from their MYICIS Accounts, and may even have bills mailed directly to ALFII for processing. Statements of bills received and paid are emailed monthly to each Member participating in this new program.
    4. Members who use and accept E-gold, E-bullion, or NORFED's Liberty Dollars, will be able to take advantage of ALFII's Gold and Silver Exchange Program, sell their silver and gold to ALFII, and have the purchase funds placed in their MYICIS account, where they can draw against them like all other Federal Reserve Notes! ALFII sets an Exchange Rate (variable) for this service, and the exchange Rate will be posted in the ALFII Members' Section daily. For instance, because ALD is not yet widely accepted for purchase transactions, ALFII may charge up to 15% as an Exchange Rate. Members may also purchase E-gold, E-bullion, NORFED ALD or Silver Liberty's directly from ALFII, subject to availability and at discount. ALFII accepts all of these forms of payment, and considers ALD to be its preferred method, for Membership Fees as well as all of the services ALFII offers!
    5. Members may elect to use other Benefits of Membership, such as Debit Cards, MYICIS Digital Money Orders and more.
    6. Members have the option of Reselling many of ALFII's Programs and Services to others, including Non-Members, at profit. No one is required, however, to recruit or resell.

    Service Fees: Members pay a one-time Enrollment Fee of $250.00 for access to or discounts on general services, such as DMOs. charges a low $4.95 monthly account maintenance fee, which is automatically debited from your account each month. Other services, such as Bill Payment and Draft Mailing, may bear additional fees, while Money Exchange Rates are based on calculations at the time of Exchange.

    With all that ALFII has to offer, and more benefits being located and added all the time, this is by far the best opportunity you'll see for a while.
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    interesting concept
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    Yes it is. So why am I suspicious? :dunno:
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    i just couldn't find any information on where they were from, like...who we are. If it was 100% legit, the owners would atleast have to be well known...and every person who logs into their service would be monitored by the .gov and have an ip trace to see who they are. This is similar to how they have cracked down on offshore banking via credit card...just get all the card numbers and owners from the US owned companies and work backwards.

    The only real anonyimity is cash, gold, silver, barter transactions.
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    I just opened an account with the Dubai Oil Borse... Be storing my meager dollars in Buckets of oil from here on out.

    I may give them a shout. Was promoted at Strike the Root... a Pretty "water the tree of liberty" type group. I'm always cautious of things like this myself. But, anything is better than what I have now
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