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    Americans Gone Wild
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    The two major cities in Michigan that i live kinda sorta between made that blurb on AJ's site. Flint with it's higher than Baghdad murder rate and Detroit where half the population is illiterate and a large chunk of the schools are closing. w00t, Michigan is in the news again!

    Go Rick Snyder, oh wait, hell, last one out turn off the lights.
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    Well, lets run it down....

    City has less and less tax money coming in and crime runs rampant. FedGov passes odious laws punishing the companies.
    Companies 'run for the border' and go overseas to a better climate.
    Working folks move out to find jobs elsewhere. Tax base shrinks again.
    Remaining Ghetto Moms take their food stamps and welfare money and go partying......
    The kids are left to fend for themselves in packs..... the 'pack attitude' takes over.
    The packs of feral kids roam the streets looking for any excuse to take their angst out against the innocent.

    Repeat this in every city in America...... THAT is our future. Unless We The People can come together, throw the bums out of power and take our nation back.....

    But too many just sit back sipping their Buds and Lattes, watching American Idol and DWTS, and let their kids 'raise' themselves.

    William Johnstone, the author of popular boilerplate paperbacks, called it "Root Cause", as the families let others raise their kids instead of doing their jobs as parents.

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