ammo tax???

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tommy20/69, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. tommy20/69

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    obama has said he wants to put a what 500%tax on ammo?? well if he did that then i don't think anyone could afford to buy ammo meaning the ammo manufactures would all go out of buissness. and if they did where would our military get their ammo from?? we would have to rely on imported ammo from another country to supply our military .

    second thought was if he did put a outragouse tax on the ammo wouldn't that make the goverment price go up too? i'm not a brainiac but it seems like it would be smart to buy some stock in the ammo manufactures being if the military does have to buy it at that price too. i mean whats good for the goose has gotta be good for the gander.and if the tax was put into place the ammo makers would have to raise their prices just to makeup for the lost sales to the public so that would inturn make all that ammo that the goverment buys would be really expensive so to me this tax law could come back to bite him in the ass if he was to pass it. am i right??
  2. Seacowboys

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    Military and other .gov entities are tax exempt.
  3. tommy20/69

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    well the ammo makers will go up drasticly on the price to cover their loss os sales. so if they paying 1cent a round right now then the ammo makers could go up to 25 cents a round . tax or no tax them ammo makers are gonna do what they gotta do to keep in buisness.and if he goes and passes laws saying no imports then it should mean no imports for us or them so they would be over a barrel with the ammo makers .
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    the price may go up to cover losses (makes sense).. plus .gov stockpiles.If the ammo maker collapses they can put slave labor on the machines at zero wages, part of thenew deal economic recovery program 8hours second shift gets you a coupon for the soup line....I Get the gray feeling they own us all now..
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    The Nazis tried using slave labor to make weapons. Most of the firing pins got an extra heat treatment or a spring a little file work. One mircoscopic drop of oil will ruin the primer when ammo is being loaded.
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    You gotta remember, king barry WANTS to gut and destroy the entire civilian firearms and ammo business. ANYTHING he can do to hasten that agenda, all the better.
    Taxes today - full ban tomorrow. Federalize the makers to keep the Goobermint Arsenals supplied - barry's Gestapo will need weapons and ammo.
  7. Byte

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    Yeah and if he wants an ammo manufacturer? Government can er i mean bail one out! Yeah that's the ticket! Socialize that industry too...we're already footing the bill for a couple others!

    They've already started to forgo the entire bid process with many gvmnt contracts associated with Iraq and A'stan...why not continue the trend of scratchin' each others backs and bending Average Joe over. What's he, I mean we, gunna' do about it? As they have already seen...not a goddam thing!

    Hurray! They're from the gvmnt and they're here to help! taser1

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    Off to the great burn barrel wi' 'is gibberish - [ghrit]
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    Spammer. Check the sig line. Violation of COC.[nospam]
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    Thanks MM, I had quoted that fool spammer in my post to him. And, my doing so left him access to those who might click on his signature line link. So, I deleted my post as well.
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    I think we'll leave this thread intact to avoid unexplained holes later on. I don't think he'll be back, but if he shows up without contributions other than gibberish, the hammer will fall like Maxwell's silver. Maybe later will delete the posts if it looks like continuity won't be harmed.
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