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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by BAT1, Jun 17, 2007.

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    I just got some info that the Amnesty bill passed 3:30 Friday. I've seen nothing in the news. They passed it in secret, in closed doors, not enough people in commitee, and they did not record it . Has anybody heard this? 1st it was dead. then they revived it. Then it was gaining steam, Then border security got money and now it's passed you should of seen Bush gleaming as he shook Vicente Foxes hand. To saw the least I'm livid. I saw a truck while coming home, it had a huge sign in it for Ron Paul. I stopped, and got the kit to help elect this true patriot. You know, we have been lied to and mislead, and now betraid, and am going try to get this man elected like my life depended on it, because it does. For all your children, for my brother's son [N of Bagdad], and future generations. Burn those printers up, and canvass your nieghborhood. Trent Lott said they were going to have to do something about talk radio because it ruled America BINGO. This campain needs to go to the best level. DOOR TO DOOR. Make fylers and stick em everywhere. Talk to your neighbors and give them fylers. or [own2]
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    I hate to be the jerk here.....but where did you recieve such news?

    All actions are required to be recorded, especially where funding is concerned. And the Congressional Record shows no actions towards immigration on Friday.

    I'll continue to look, but so far, no joy with any results to support what you was told.
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    It seems like it has good points in it, apart from the Amnesty of course.

    1. 200,000 legal workers, reduces the income of coyotes, good.
    2. 20,000 enforcement agents.
    3. 370 miles of fence.
  5. E.L.

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    Just like the 700 miles that is already paid for but only 2 miles have been built? NO!!
  6. MicroBalrog

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    The point is, we need more fence and this bill at least promises that.
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    P.S. I meant to say "You". You know what I mean and I hope you are not offended.
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    My biggest problem with the legislation is that it means nothing. Nothing at all. Just like back under "Slick Willy's" administration, when the kids died from E. coli 0157 at Jack-In-The Box he wanted the bill passed to hire XXX amount of food inspectors. It was passed, yet the hiring never happened. Then the war on crime under "Slick Willy" he was going to hire XXXX amount of cops to put on the street. It never happened. Now we already have laws on the books in regards to illegal aliens, yet our country refuses to enforce them. Or rather the agencies are not given the funding to enforce them. Under George W.'s adm. the funding was provided to build the fence. At the rate it is getting built all of Mexico will already be here. Not to mention we charge our BP agents while the drug runners are given a free pass. So why add more bills? Why add more promises that will not be kept? You know what I want from congress and the White House? Nothing. Gridlock. The only purpose is to decieve the millions of Americans that are outraged. So they pass a bill, then nothing happens. They just hope the peasants go away.
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    [ditto] So sad but very true.

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    If a fence is the option to be tried to stop the flow of illegals lets have it built before we discuss changing the status of anyone already here .

    If they are serious about stopping the border jumpers I don't see why they need more laws passed , spending bills yes but laws no .
  11. E.L.

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    That's just it. They aren't. :mad:
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    option 2 mine field?!?!?!?! naw too in humane, well there is allways the option of letting b.p return fire when fired upon, that should significantly reduce the flow
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