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    [​IMG] I work in a marine environment and am in and out of the water a lot. These boots are great for deck work, diving, hell, I even run in them.

    Deep See AMPHIB Dive Boot BIAQD93751 [​IMG] [​IMG] $59.95

    [​IMG] Size 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
    Qty: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] This is an ALL TERRAIN multifunctional boot, originally designed for military rescue applications. This boot works well in and out of the water.
    Features include:

    • SEEFLEX Nylon II neoprene sock, 3mm thick
    • Rubber outsole and EVA midsole
    • Brushed rubber toe and heel cap with synthetic leather upper
    • Parachute 550 cord boot lace and Velcro cinch strap
    • Water purge at in-step protected by screened metal eyelet
    Made in China
    Please Note: Amphib boot sizes are based on bare feet and run about 1/2 size smaller than normal boots. If you are wearing socks, add 1/2 to 1 shoe size. This boot requires a fin with a larger foot pocket, such as the Rocket II Fin or the Shredder SAR Fin.
    Please view our Footwear Size Chart to ensure a good fit

    4 Customer Reviews 5 Star: [​IMG] 4 Average Customer Rating
    [​IMG] 5.0 out of 5
    100% recommend it to friends
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    [​IMG] tough boots, bro!
    by jose from Honolulu, HI on 4/3/2008
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    I've bought a pair of these when attending to a 58 wks commercial helmet dive school. I didn't only logged more than 500 hrs bottom time @ the school, but also did pool PT 5 times x week for a year. Took'em with me to Italy to do Combat swimmer school. Because every piece of my luggage got wet while traveling, and these boots dried faster than my regular footwear, I used'em as shoes, and they're not only confy, but also keep your feet warm on cold enviroment! .I highly recommed this item if you have to expose ur gear to the worst! The neoprene has a double layer, the soles are tough (walking on top of jagged rocks?.. no worries!), True non-slip soles with awesome grip that increases performance & confidence when working on slipery enviromment. The rubber toe & the sole still holding on after more than 18 months of almost daily use. Bad things: When they're brand new, you'll have to "break'em in" like a true pair of "boots" they are. I used to go running with them. But once their good... feels just like that old pair of boots. I've used'em for freediving several times with my Rocket fins II... but they're a bit too heavy for this purpose... Ah! Don't store'em when wet for too long, cuz they'll stink for ever!!!
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    by trooperjet from Pennsylvania on 5/17/2008
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    These were exactly as stated. A little stiff at first as advertised, but broke them in nicely in 1 day. Rugged and well made.
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    [​IMG] Deep See Amphib dive boot
    by Rob from Houston Texxxas on 4/16/2008
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    You CANNOT tear up these boots... Tough just is not enough said... Indestructible fits the bill.. best 60 bucks i ever spent, i used these same boots in Beirut in 86, wore em for about 2 years and puttem thru hell. TOUGH yep.
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    [​IMG] best tactical boot
    by morenazo from san juan , P R on 4/3/2008
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    since i has this boot my feet feels good, ill be stand it for more than 16 hours and still felt grate.....
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