AMRRON net (why you need comms)

Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by CATO, Feb 13, 2014.

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    I watched this through my Roku. I like the premise. I do not like unsecured comms in a post SHTF scenario. That is exactly what Ham is. unsecured. Hence the Monkey Net project.
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  3. PLA

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    Lost me as soon as they started with " ham operators are expected" I dont care what I have or what I can do, as soon as anyone takes it for granted they will be very lonely
  4. ghrit

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    I'm afraid that watching an hour's worth of vid just for an intro is off my interest chart.
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    I watched it to see if there was anything I could glean from it. Not really. Good call on your side, Ghrit
  6. Falcon15

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    I commented as much on the actual Youtube video under my account name on the Tube. People actually think the government can shut down HAM Radio. o_O
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