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    Here is an interesting concept in Aquaponics. These guys are a little nuts and the video is fun to watch. My catfish venture didn't work out for me and I am seriously considering revamping the whole thing to adapt to this configuration.
    Two links below, are first a TV show I saw yesterday called "the Common Chef" here in Ocala, Florida
    The second link is for "Easyponix". Between the video and the website you should be able to put one of these together on your own.
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    This is similar to the IBC tote setup we're working on. You have the basic fish tank, the beds, and a sump.

    Growing Power in Milwaukee had, at one time anyway, a 3 barrel system that consisted of 3, 55 gallon barrels. One barrel held the fish, another held snails and algae and whatnot that removed the ammonia from the water, and the third one may have acted like a settling tank. It was briefly described in one of the guy's books. I've yet to see a photo or video or diagram of the setup but it sounded interesting. I may just have to email the folks there and see if they'd be willing to fill in the blanks for me.
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